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Summer School "Cleantech at Sea"

August 05-16
Frederikshavn and Aalborg
Northern Denmark

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Summer School "Cleantech at Sea"

  1. 1. Summer SchoolCLEAN TECH AT SEAWHY AND HOW TO CHANGE MARITIMETRANSPORTATION?AUGUST 5-17, 2013MAN PrimeServ Academy (Frederikshavn)Martec (Frederikshavn)Aalborg University (Aalborg)
  2. 2. PURPOSEThe course will both focus on issues where shipping is environmentally superior to other modesof transportation and issues where shipping is lacking behind.The course main objective is to engage participants in the on-going activities, challenges andopportunities arising from the evolution towards a more environmentally friendly maritimesector. To achieve this, the course is structured under the Problem Based Learning modeldeveloped at Aalborg University to address real-life problems in a hands-on way. The courseprovides theoretical lectures, case-study lectures, site visits and group projects during the twoweeks summer course. In addition, the course will also comprise several social activities inorder to facilitate networking and a relaxed environment. Leading scientific experts andpractitioners in the maritime sector have accepted invitations to give guest speeches. The firstdays will be organized as open days to industry participants to allow interaction andnetworking with decision makers.BACKGROUNDAfter decades of non-regulation, the maritime industry is now facing relatively toughenvironmental requirements from both regulators and the market. The International MaritimeOrganisation (IMO) has passed annexes to the MARPOL convention which together with EUand US legislation put pressure on shipping. The summer school will address the on-goingregulatory updates taking place at the IMO and European level.Fortunately, the combination of strict requirements and decades of land-based experiences inCleanTech gives huge business opportunities for those who can and will provide solutions tothe problems – some of these solution providers are Danish companies. Some ports andmunicipalities even see the upcoming legislative pressures as a lever of regional developmentand employment.WORKLOAD5 ECTS + 2.5 ECTS (Delivered after handing in an article manuscript)TARGET AUDIENCEMSc and Engineering students enrolled in the following educations: Maritime management (ship design, engineering) Environmental policy Environmental governance Environmental managementTOPICS COVERED The need for maritime action – an NGO perspective Emission reduction through better engine technology Energy efficiency requirements Managing ballast water – a new business opportunity Hybrid propulsion technologies in the shipping industry An introduction to Environmental Management Systems – a focus on harbours A maritime service perspective; Retrofitting vessels for CleanTech How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport- a political perspective Site visits & Social activities And more…2
  3. 3. EVALUATION CRITERIAThe course comprises 5 ECTS, in addition 2, 5 ECTS will be granted i f a manuscript ishanded in after the course (no later than 6 December 2013). Participants will be evaluatedaccording to the requirements stipulated in Table 1. Master students and practitioners willbe assessed with a similar share of points depending on the evaluation criteria.TABLE 1- EVALUATION CRITERIA. SUMMER COURSE CLEANTECH AT SEA.Evaluation Criteria Students (Points) ECTSWritten exam30 points if your university requires gradedexams(Passed/ Not Passed at AAU)5Mini project report made in groups40 points if your university requires gradedexams(Passed/ Not Passed at AAU)Oral presentation20 points if your university requires gradedexams(Passed/ Not Passed at AAU)Participation during the course10 points if your university requires gradedexams(Passed/ Not Passed at AAU)Manuscript/ complementation afterthe course- 2,5PRACTICAL INFORMATIONVenuesMAN PrimeServ Academy (Langerak 74, 9900 Frederikshavn)Maritime and Polytechnic College (martec, Hånbækvej 54, 9900 Frederikshavn)Aalborg University (Aalborg, Nybrogade 6, 9000 Aalborg)AccommodationEach participant is responsible for his/her own accommodation, transportation and morning andevening meals.For guiding purposes, the following are reasonable alterna-tives. They should be reserved in advance since the highseason comes in August:Frederikshavn2 nights from August 5thto August 7thhttp://danhostelfrederikshavn.dk/enAalborg9 nights from August 7thto August 16thhttp://www.danhostelaalborg.dk/enSocial activitiesHere is a list of possible social activities during the summer school Welcome reception Aalborg by night Trips to beaches Bowling Visits to cultural sites Tour around AAU Guided tour in Aalborg- and a lot of other things!3
  4. 4. Monday Aug 5MAN PrimeServAcademyTuesday Aug 6MAN PrimeServAcademyWednesday Aug 7martecThursday Aug 8Aalborg UniversityFriday Aug 9Aalborg University09:00 Summer Schoolregistration andintroductory lecture(Henrik Riisgaard,Roberto RivasHermann, AalborgUniversity)10:00-10:30 Welcomeand introduction andwhy to focus onsustainable shipping(Henrik Riisgaard)10:30-12:00Lecture: The need formaritime action – anon-governmentalorganizationperspective(Kåre Press-Christensen, DanishEco-Council)09:00-09:10Introduction to theday’s program(Henrik Riisgaard)09:00-10:00Lecture: Shippropulsion andefficiency improvingdevices at MAN-Alpha(Niels Sloth Nikolajsen,MAN Diesel & Turbo,Frederikshavn)10:30-11:15Lecture: EmissionReduction throughbetter EngineTechnology(Christian Ludwig,MAN Diesel & Turbo,Copenhagen)11:15- 12:15Site visit: MANPrimeServ(Poul Knudsgaard,MAN PrimeServ)09:00-09:10Introduction to theday’s program(Henrik Riisgaard)09:10- 09:30Introduction toMARTEC(Brian Thomsen,martec)09:30-12:30. Wasteheat recovery-simulator MC90-measuring NOXemissions in the lab(Jan Jacobsen,Flemming Lykkemarkand Peter Trudslevmartec)07:54-09:30TransportationFrederikshavn-Aalborg10:00-11:00Lecture:Environmentalmanagement systems(Henrik Riisgaard)11:00-12:00Lecture:Mapping andbenchmarking fuelefficiency(Søren Thue Pedersen,Alfa Laval Aalborg)09:00-10:00Lecture: A maritimeservice perspective;retrofitting vesselswith cleantech(Roberto RivasHermann)10:30-12:00An introduction toProblem BasedLearning (PBL) andgroup formation(Henrik Riisgaard;Roberto RivasHermann)12:00-13:00 Lunch 12:00-13:00 Lunch 12:30 - 13:15 Lunch 12:00-12:40 Lunch 12:00-13:00 Lunch13:00-14:00Lecture: The need formaritime action – anon-governmentalorganizationperspective(Kåre Press-Christensen, cont.)14:30-15:30Lecture: Postponingthe IMO requirements– A Danish perspective(Jenny N. Braat,Danish Maritime)13:00-13:45Lecture: Hybridpropulsiontechnologies in theshipping industry(Michael D.Christensen, ABB)13:45-14:30Lecture: Scandlineshybrid and zeroemission vessel (FiniHansen, Scandlines)15:00-17:00Lecture: Energyefficiencyrequirements (HansOtto Kristensen,Danish Shipowners’Association)13:15- 14:15 Lecture:Promas fuel savingsystem (JesperRaasthøj, Rolls Royce)14:30-16:00 Recap oflab results with NOX(martec)16:00-16:15 Seminarwrap-up (HenrikRiisgaard)13:00-13:45 Lecture:Environmentalmanagement systemsin ports(Brian Rasmussen,Port of Aalborg)13:45-15:00Study tour: Cleanharbour installations,waste facilities,emergency and hazardresponse, energysavings, energyefficiency Port ofAalborg(Brian Rasmussen)13:00-16:00 PBL:Group define theirproject focus incollaboration withsupervisors(Henrik Riisgaard andRoberto RivasHermann)Evening16:30Tour and dinnerSkagenPalm beach tour Overnight stay inFrederikshavn
  5. 5. Monday Aug 12Aalborg UniversityTuesday Aug 13Aalborg UniversityWednesday Aug 14Aalborg UniversityThursday Aug 15Aalborg UniversityFriday Aug 16Aalborg University09:00-12:00Group work andproject: Case studyresearch/ Methods anddefinition of researchproblem.09:00-10:00Week 1 written gradedexam10:00-12:00 PBL:Collecting empiricalevidence (Interviews,surveys)PBL: Collectingempirical evidence(Interviews, surveys)PBL: Writing report/Conclusions andrecommendationsExam preparationAfternoon13:00-14:00PBL: Use of referencingand scientific literaturecollection software(Roberto RivasHermann, AalborgUniversity)14:00-16:00Work in groups13:00-15:00PBL: Literature reviewand exercise withreference software(Roberto RivasHermann, AalborgUniversity)PBL: Writing report/Case studies.PBL: Finish report andproject submission.Oral presentationsEveningExam preparation Exam preparation Summer Schoolevaluation & diploma5
  6. 6. REGISTRATION FORM – PRINT OR ONLINEA participation fee of 100 EURO will be charged to cover lunches and some social events.REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT DEADLINE15THOF JULY 2013SEND REGISTRATION FORM TO:Roberto Rivas Hermannrrh@plan.aau.dkFill in the following form and email it to:rrh@plan.aau.dk with the following docu-ments: proof of enrolment in M.Sc. or PhDprogrammeIN CASE OF INQUIRIES, PLEASE CONTACT:rrh@plan.aau.dktel. +45 9940 3654mobile + 45 5012 1030PERSONAL DETAILSNAME E-MAILDATE OF BIRTH TELEPHONEGENDERCURRENTADDRESSNATIONALITYCURRENT EDUCATIONEDUCATIONALPROGRAMMEYEAR OFGRADUATIONLEVEL(M.SC./PH.D.)SUPERVISORUNIVERSITY WEBPAGESUMMER SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENTHOW DID YOU COME TO KNOW ABOUT THE SUMMER SCHOOL?