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The Best Question in the World

The Creative Beast on the Best Question in the World, how we lose track of this Question as we grow up... and how we can get it back (hint: ART).

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The Best Question in the World

  1. The Best Question in the World Thoughts from the Creative Beast by Betsy Streeter
  2. I have a Question...
  3. I have a Question... I think it is the best one in the world.
  4. Except for maybe: “Where would you like me to park your new Porsche?” or, “Would you like another gallon of chocolate fudge on your ice cream?”
  5. But really, the Best Question in the World is:
  6. But really, the Best Question in the World is: “What would happen if....?”
  7. What a great question. Think about it.
  8. “What would happen if...” I went out in a storm with this kite We smashed these atoms together We made a guitar electric We made a thing with wings and flew it through the air
  9. I mean, that is a very powerful question. It changes the world.
  10. When we are small, we ask this question naturally.
  11. “What would happen if...” I chew on this I put mud in here I stand on my head for a really long time
  12. When we are small, people think it is cute.
  13. But when we get bigger, it is not as cute Because our “What would happen if's” get more messy and dangerous...
  14. “What would happen if...” I put ALL the baking soda in this vinegar bottle I stack this chair on top of that one I put this cosmetic product on the dog
  15. This is not as cute.
  16. So, we get annoyed...
  17. So, we get annoyed... and we replace “What would happen if...” with a different thing:
  18. This IS What WILL Happen if...
  19. This IS What WILL Happen if... You don't clean that up right now You don't get a good grade You don't win the game You don't get the job You say the wrong thing and so on.
  20. What Happened?
  21. What Happened? We sent the Creative Beast away...
  22. ...and we lost the question that helps us get our best ideas.
  23. But, What would happen if... We had a safe, non-dog- damaging way to ask this question every day?
  24. We do: It is called Art.
  25. Drawing, music, dancing, making things... These let us explore our ideas and let the Creative Beast back out again.
  26. “What would happen if...” I wrote about my day I drew a comic about my cat I played cello along with my favorite punk song
  27. This question opens up the world for you, and you get unexpected answers.
  28. It keeps you like a kid.
  29. So find something you love to do, And ask, “What would happen if...”
  30. And encourage your favorite young people to do the same.
  31. The Creative Beast will come back out, and show you how great it is that you don't know everything yet.
  32. And you can change the world.
  33. Thanks for reading! Betsy Streeter is a cartoonist and writer of science/magical fiction. You can see more of her work at: www.betsystreeter.com