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Convert Mkv To I Phone 4 With Mac Mkv To I Phone 4 Converter

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The best Mac MKV to iPhone 4 converter is designed for iPhone users to convert mkv to iPhone 4 and iPhone series supported formats like MP4, H.264. With a free MKV to iPhone 4 Converter you can easily convert MKV files to iPhone 4 and iPhone.

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Convert Mkv To I Phone 4 With Mac Mkv To I Phone 4 Converter

  1. 1. Convert MKV to iPhone 4 with Mac MKV to iPhone 4 Converter Apple's iphone 4 has been launched since June 7, 2010, which becomes a hot topic to iPhone users. The fourth iPhone features two cameras(one on the front and the other on the back), iPhone 4 makes people dreaming about video calling for decades a reality, what’ more, iPhone 4 has powerful HD Video recording and editing function. However, iPhone 4 supprted video formats are very limited, so if you want to watch your MKV files on iPhone 4, all you need is to convert MKV Videos to iPhone 4 supported such as MP4, H.264 with a Mac MKV to iPhone 4 Converter. MKV to iPhone 4 Converter for Mac not only convert MKV to MP4 for iPhone, but aslo can convert MKV to 3GP, convert MKV to MOV, convert MKV to DV, convert MKV to MPG, and some other popular video formats , which are compatible for iPhone, Palm, Walkman, iMovie Video, PSP, Blackberry, Gphone, etc. You can refer to the following tips to convert your MKV files to iPhone 4 step by step. Step 1: Download and Install Mac MKV to iPhone 4 Converter. Step 2: Launch MKV to iPhone 4 Conveter for Mac Step3: Add MKV Files to Convert You need to select the “Add File” button to load MKV files you want to convert. You can also add all MKV files from a whole folder at one time, or upload MKV files one by one.
  2. 2. Step4: Select Output Video Format for iPhone 4 Click the “Profile” drop-down list to choose iPhone 4 supported video format like MP4, H.264. Step5:Start to Convert MKV Files to iPhone 4 Press “Start” button to convert MKV to iPhone 4 MP4 or H.264.After you finished converting, you can import converted MKV videos to iPhone 4 to enjoy them.
  3. 3. Notes: MKV to iPhone 4 Converter on Mac aslo owns powerful editing functions, for example, cut out unwanted parts of video frame like black sides; merge more than two MKV files into one; select your favorite video segments by clipping; set video effect like brightness, contrast, saturation.