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Cheheltan school presentation nheydari



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Cheheltan school presentation nheydari

  1. 1. Improving study conditions for students of Cheheltan Middle school Kabul, Afghanistan, 15 November 2012 Prepared by: Nicole Heydari (nicole.heydari@gmail.com)
  2. 2. Background on School I found this school through word of mouth of another ISAF colleague who heard about it through a Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development official. Originally they requested new tents to hold the classes. Main building of school has a couple classrooms funded by HOPE Worldwide. The classrooms have broken windows and some tables and chairs which are in very bad condition. The older students (14-17 years old) study in the classrooms. The younger students (7-13 years old) would hold their classes outside around the building on the dirt floor covered by a cheap rag-rug. The blackboards are overused and in bad condition. Most children have backpacks and school material. Classes are held in 2 shifts (morning and night). Girls study in the mornings along with some boys. Only boys study in the afternoon. There are 2 tents outside also ripped and in bad condition, which were donated by UNICEF several years ago.
  3. 3. Classes held outside
  4. 4. Classes held in tents
  5. 5. Construction Achievements We went from: 1) a budget of 3000 USD to 10,450 USD plus 400 USD in private donations. 2) trying to build roofs and columns with no walls to building 4 brick classrooms with windows, electricity and concrete floor 3) providing rugs for the classroom floors to also repairing old tables and chairs for the students
  6. 6. Cheheltan School Site Plan Kandahar Street, Cheheltan-Kabul New classrooms Entrance Stone wall
  7. 7. Areas for 4 classrooms constructed here construction 4 classrooms now here
  8. 8. Children with Banners
  9. 9. Banners provided in box to school headmaster
  10. 10. View of the 4 classrooms built. Contractor is seen drilling the plaque on the wall
  11. 11. Inside view of 1 classroom Note: rug, teacher’s chair and table, whiteboard, electricity, and glass on door.
  12. 12. Entrance to one classroom
  13. 13. Children using the classroom
  14. 14. Graded land for girls playground
  15. 15. Volleyball equipment delivered
  16. 16. Chairs/Tables for students being repaired
  17. 17. School supplies delivered
  18. 18. Cookies to celebrate