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Five women power point



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Five women power point

  1. 1. Global Grant Projects Bill Davis 5 women produce over $1 million in projects
  2. 2. ThesewomenhavebeendirectlyorindirectlyresponsiblefortwentyRotaryprojects worthover$1,000,000 Water Summit, Houston Sara Beck - NASA Ambassadorial Scholarship Isis Mejias to Brazil Nicole Heydari Kabul Afghanistan Ali Mondragon Clinical Consultant Anja Nikolova Global Scholar Macedonia to Yale
  3. 3. Dr. Sara Beck – worked for NASA programming the robotic arms on the space shuttles and space station and was the co-founder of the Central Houston Chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB-USA). Aerospace engineering degree, University of Colorado, Master’s Georgia Tech and most recently a PhD from Colorado. She is currently conducting water reuse research at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok on a Fulbright Fellowship. As a volunteer with EWB Sara brought the first Grant project to Bill Davis, a water project in San Salvador that Humble Rotary Club headed up. This relationship with Sara ultimately played a role in the development of over $1 million in projects that ultimately happened. Sara was one of 6,000 applicants in the last round of astronaut applications and made it to the final 160. NASA has announced a new call for astronauts and Sara has reapplied and is one of 18,300 applicants for 8-16 astronaut positions. .
  4. 4. Dr. Isis Mejias Carpio –She has a Chemical Engineering Degree from University of Houston and joint PhD from Universities of Sao Paulo and Houston. She is currently working with Jacobs Engineering in Houston. Dr. Mejias, a Rotary Global Scholar to Brazil sponsored by the Humble Rotary Club was invited by Rotary to lead a team of six to Uganda to identify a large water project. Isis was recently one of two panelists on a Rotary Webinar talking about her experiences as a scholar in Sao Paulo and developing Global Grants in Brazil, Kenya and Uganda and on her trips to Uganda to help prepare a $300,000 water, sanitation and health Global Grant for that country. She has spoken at District Conferences of D 5630 in Calgary as well as that of D 5890 in Houston.
  5. 5. Nicole Heydari – Came to Rotary Club of Humble for assistance in funding a course of study at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, the world’s oldest school offering a Master’s Degree in International Studies. She has an undergrad degree in International Politics from Georgetown University – and is currently with the Department of Commerce in Washington with assignment trips to Afghanistan, Istanbul and India. She recently passed her physical exam with the FBI and is awaiting security clearance to join the FBI.
  6. 6. Ali Mondragon -. BSc in Nursing from Oregon Health and Science University and a Master’s in International Management from Portland State University - currently working as a Clinical Consultant for Philips HealthCare in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  7. 7. Anja Nikolova – has a BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences, from the University of Pavia, Italy (cum laude). She is currently studying on scholarships from Rotary and Yale towards a Master’s Degree of Environmental Management at the Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Anja was selected as a member of the delegation of her homeland, the Republic of Macedonia, to the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, France (November 30- Dec 11, 2015). The Rotary Club of New Haven, Connecticut (D7980) is privileged to be her host club, and District 5890 sponsored her candidacy for a Global Grant Scholarship and provided the District funds necessary for the TRF match.
  8. 8. SaraBeck- NASA Watersummit – Houston
  9. 9. MatchingGrant– Water SanSalvador - $36,200
  10. 10. Matching grant -Uganda water- $16,000
  11. 11. Matching grant water -Bolivia $26,000
  12. 12. AmbassadorialScholarship BrianDavis, Nepal - $30,000
  13. 13. BrianDavisOrphanageProject Kathmandu,Nepal - $10,000
  14. 14. AmbassadorialScholarship Isis MejiasCarpio, Brazil - $30,000
  15. 15. GlobalGrant– Water KenyanHospital - $61,000
  16. 16. GlobalGrant– Mammography Unit SãoPaulo, Brazil - $68,000
  17. 17. ProjectIdentification- Isis to UgandawithWASRAG
  18. 18. GlobalGrantPPP – Water, sanitation,and educationinUganda - $301,000
  19. 19. 21 Clubsand17 Rotary Districtsfrom 8countries contributedto thisproject
  20. 20. GlobalGrantScholarship SeanSmith,Chile - $30,000
  21. 21. Global Grant Peru - $35,000
  22. 22. NicoleHeydari – KABULAFGHANISTAN
  23. 23. DistrictGrant – Master’sDegreefrom DiplomaticAcademy,Austria- $10,000
  24. 24. ClothingforChildreninWomen’sPrison– Kabul,Afghanistan - $500
  25. 25. DistrictGrant,9 RotaryClubs– Improving conditionsfor Kabulstudents- $11,000
  26. 26. WinterclothingforChildreninKabul - $400
  27. 27. Ali Mondragon
  28. 28. VTTUganda,UgandaHeartInstitute–sending doctorsandnursestoTexasChildrenHospital- $30,000 Dr. Denton Cooley - first implantation of a total artificial heart
  29. 29. GlobalGrant– HIV/AIDS Botswana- $108,000
  30. 30. Anja Nikolova Global Scholarships – Macedonia to Yale - $60,000 Masters in Environment Management at Yale Rotary Day at the United Nations
  31. 31. Global Grant – Ghana - $147,000
  32. 32. GRAND TOTAL $1,009,000 Matching grant – water – San Salvador - $36,000 Matching grant – water – Bolivia - $26,000 Ambassadorial Scholarship - Brian Davis to Nepal- $30,000 Matching Grant – water – Uganda - $16,000 Matching grant – Orphanage, Kathmandu, Nepal – $10,000 Global Grant – Kenya water for hospital - $61,000 District Grant - Master’s Degree Diplomatic Academy Vienna Austria -$10,000 Clothing for children in women’s prison in Kabul - $400 District Grant - 9 Rotary Clubs -improving study conditions in Middle School in Kabul –$11,000 Ambassadorial Scholarship to Brazil - $30,000 Global Grant- Mammography machine for hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil - $68,000 Isis to Uganda by TRF Global grant PPP- water, sanitation and education – Uganda -$301,000 Sean Smith – Global Scholarship to Chile - $30,000 Global Grant –Water Peru - $35,000 VTT Uganda – Uganda Heart institute to Texas Children’s Hospital -$30,000 GG HIV/AIDS Botswana -$108,000 Global Scholarship Macedonia to Yale -$60,000 Ghana Project -$147,000 Summary


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