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creative advertisement

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creative advertisement

  2. 2. Creative Strategy Determining what the advertising message will say or communicate Creative Tactics Determining how the message strategy will be executed
  4. 4. Get raw material and data, and immerse yourself in the problem Immersion Take the information, work it over, wrestle with it in your mind Digestion Turn the information over to the subconscious to do the work Incubation “Eureka! I have it!” phenomenonIllumination Study the idea, evaluate it, reshape it for practical usefulness Verification
  5. 5.  Verification - Refining the idea  Preparation - Gathering Information  Illumination - Seeing the Solution  Incubation - Sitting Problem Aside The Creative Process
  6. 6. Objective Evaluate ideas Reject the inappropriate Refine the remaining Give ideas final expression
  7. 7. Directed focus groups Message communication studies Portfolio tests Viewer reaction profiles TECHNIQUES
  8. 8. Creative Strategy Target audience identity Basic problem, issue, opportunity Major selling idea or key benefit Any supportive information
  9. 9. OUTLINES
  10. 10. • Basic problem or issue the advertising must address • Advertising and communications objectives • Target audience • Major selling idea or key benefits to communicate • Creative strategy statement • Supporting information and requirements
  11. 11. Positioning the Brand Use a Unique Selling Position Positioning Create the Brand Image Seeking the Major Idea
  12. 12. The Unique Selling Proposition Unique Selling Proposition Benefit Unique Potent Buy this product/service and you get this benefit or reward Must be unique to this brand or claim; something rivals can't or don't offer Promise must be strong enough or attractive enough to move people
  13. 13. Copywriting and The Creative Plan  Copywriting is the process of expressing the value and benefits a brand has to offer.  A creative plan is the guideline that specifies the message elements of advertising copy.
  14. 14. Print Media Requirements  All media in the print category all use the same copy elements  The way these elements are used varies with the objective for using the medium
  15. 15. Newspapers Copy does not have to work as hard to catch audience’s attention Straightforward and informative Writing is brief
  16. 16. Magazines Better quality ad production Ads can be more informative and carry longer copy
  17. 17. How to Write Radio Copy Radio Guidelines  Keep it personal  Speak to listener’s interests  Make it memorable  Include call to action  Create image transfer MAIN POINTS-  Music  Sound effects  Voice
  18. 18. How to Write Television Copy  Moving action makes television so much more engaging than print.  The challenge is to fuse the images with the words to present a creative concept and a story.  Storytelling is one way copywriters can present action in a television commercial more powerfully than in other media.