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Symantec Migration infographic

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Design and illustration of ARE YOU READY infographic for Symantec 2015

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Symantec Migration infographic

  1. 1. DO NOTHING: Systems will still run, partner and user communities will help, but systems will be open to a significant security threat HARDWARE REPLACEMENT: Upgrade out of maintenance physical servers CUSTOM SUPPORT: For-fee custom support can be costly and time-consuming VIRTUALIZATION/CLOUD: To achieve cost, complexity and management benefits PROTECTION: Use a 3rd party product to secure servers and data, removing the time-critical need to upgrade THE REALISATION NOW IS THAT AFTER 14 JULY 2015 MISSION AND BUSINESS CRITICAL APPLICATIONS ARE AT RISK Migration carries significant challenge on resources and information protection Expensive custom contracts to maintain unsupported platforms and applications NO Technical support NO Incident support NO Security patches NO Product hot fixes MICROSOFT WINDOWS 2003 SERVER MIGRATION ARE YOU READY? ?? ? THE QUESTION IS, HOW WILL YOU MANAGE YOUR COSTS AND MITIGATE THE RISKS? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR MY BUSINESS JULY 2015 14 = STANDARDISATION THE SUPPORT OF BYOD MOBILITY PRIVATE, HYBRID AND PUBLIC CLOUD BUSINESSES ARE DRIVING FOR... RISK COST Regulated industries may be fined or risk being cut off from key trading partners who want to protect their own compliance status Increased vulnerability to cyber attacks and data breach SECURITY COMPLIANCE ?? ?WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THE CHANGE IN THE TECHNOLOGY LANDSCAPE THE PRESSURES ON IT HAVE BECOME MORE DEMANDING! MICROSOFT’S EXTENDED SUPPORT OF WINDOWS 2003 SERVER ENDS IN JULY 2015. Posing potential problems for some 10M instances of Windows that exist and the business critical systems that depend on it. Although this doesn’t mean everything will stop working, it does mean that systems are open to potential security risks and not conforming to regulatory compliance demands. JULY 2015 14 2015 WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS? PROTECT AND SECURE INCREASE APPLICATION AVAILABILITY MITIGATE TRANSFORMATIONAL RISK DATA IS #1 PRIORITY GUARANTEE VISIBILITY ACROSS NEW AND EXISTING PLATFORMS LOWER THE SUPPORT AND OPERATIONAL COSTS SYMANTEC PROTECT MORE SYSTEMS IN THE SECURITY SOFTWARE SPACE THAN ANY OTHER COMPANY SYMANTEC BACK-UP OVER 50% OF THE WORLDS INFORMATION SYMANTEC PROTECT 200 MILLION END POINT DEVICES THE SYMANTEC GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE NETWORK PROVIDES THE VERY BEST IN SECURITY UPDATES, INSIGHT AND GUIDANCE CRITICAL SYSTEMS ARE SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD DOWNTIME OR PERFORMANCE ISSUES. The clock is ticking to migrate from Windows Server 2003 but it is still a key platform that underpins your many business critical services. DEVELOP A STRATEGY for mitigating the risk of vulnerability, while establishing a plan for migration DISCOVER: Understand what applications and workloads are being supported ASSESS: Create inventory categorised by type, importance and complexity TARGET: Choose an outcome for each application MAP: Match the inventory against business risk/criticality 4.6 BILLION CONNECTED THINGS GIN WHY SYMANTEC? www.symantec.co.ukCopyright © 2015 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec, the Symantec Logo, and the Checkmark Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. 01/15. FIND OUT MORE Symantec can offer a unique alternative that will extend the life of your Windows 2003 systems that is cost effective and increases your security profile. PLATFORM LAUNCH First camera phone iTunes Xbox Live/online gaming 2003 Google Apps 20102006 Amazon web services A 2004 Facebook Google Glass 20132007 iPhone iPad 2009 SINCE THE LAUNCH OF WINDOWS 2003 TECHNOLOGY HAS ADVANCED REGISTER for the webinar to find out how, visit know.symantec.com/WindowsServer2003