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8th grade parent night 2012

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Slides from the 8th grade parent night on February 7, 2012 at BHS. A number of relevant links are included in the slides.

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8th grade parent night 2012

  1. 1. Burlington High School8th Grade Parent Night February 7, 2012
  2. 2. Burlington High School Mission StatementBurlington High School prepares studentsfor lifelong learning and responsiblecitizenship by offering a challenging,relevant curriculum and varied activities ina safe environment.
  3. 3. My 8th Grader
  4. 4. Points of Pride• 95% of Classes of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 have gone on to Post-Secondary Education• Extensive Advanced Placement Course Selection• Students currently enrolled in at least 1 AP Course is 170• Students currently enrolled in at least 1 Honors class is 708• Extensive Co-curricular offerings• Extensive Advanced Placement Course Selection• 100% of Class of 2010 passed MCAS• Web-based Guidance Information Management System• Over 150 students during the past two years have had the opportunity to take courses which will yield college
  5. 5. Points of Pride Some concrete examples:Modern Communication methods/transparencyBurlington High Principals BlogBHS Facebook PageBHS Google Plus PageBHS Alerts on TwitterBurlington High Guidance Blog
  6. 6. Points of Pride Some concrete examples:Poetry Out LoudBHS Art Students Win Seven Gold KeysBHS BandBHS ChorusHoliday TraditionsSchool Spirit/Student Voice
  7. 7. Points of Pride Some concrete examples:Nobel Prize WinnersNational Recognition for StudentsNational Recognition for Professional DevelopmentRegional Recognition For School Improvement Plans
  8. 8. Points of Pride Some concrete examples:BHS in the news (this year):Associated Press - Many U.S. Schools Adding iPads, Trimming TextbooksDaily Times Chronicle - iPad Program Drawing Attention For Burlington HighBoston Globe - Leading The Way To Cyber-LearningT.H.E. Journal - When Students Run The Help DeskFox 25 Boston Checks Out Our iPad DeploymentUSA Today - Students Cast Wide Net For Mentoring With PLNs
  9. 9. Points of Pride Some concrete examples:BHS in the news (this year):How Steve Jobs Influences BHS - WBZ NewsBHS Featured on WGBH TV
  10. 10. What else would you like to know about BHS? Please ask any questions on the BHS Principals Blog on the post on tonights event.Or call my cellphone 339 234-1673Or e-mail at larkin@bpsk12.org
  11. 11. More contact info. Associate Principal - Rick Sheehan Science Dept. Head - Peter Nassiffrsheehan@bpsk12.org nassiff@bpsk12.orgAssociate Principal - Mark Sullivan Foreign Lang. Dept. Head - Rita DeBellissullivan@bpsk12.org debellis@bpsk12.orgGuidance Director - Joe Attubato Fine Arts Dept. Head - George Ratkevichattubato@bpsk12.org ratkevich@bpsk12.orgEnglish Dept. Head - Ben Lally Perf. Arts Dept. Head - John Middleton-Coxlally@bpsk12.org middleton@bpsk12.orgSocial Studies Dept. Head - Todd Whitten PE/Health Dept. Head - Edward Gilliswhitten@bpsk12.org egillis@bpsk12.orgMath Dept. Head - Brian McNeillmcneill@bpsk12.org
  12. 12. Some Important LinksBHS Program of StudiesBHS English Dept. WebsiteBHS Art Dept. WebsiteBPS EdTech BlogBHS WebsiteA List of other BHS Staff Web Resources