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Five Reasons to Become a DJ

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Are you an music lover with a passion for filling people with love and energy through music? Here are the five reasons to become a DJ?

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  • It's all about the performance nowadays. A friend of mine started using those OWOW MIDIS recently and they're actually pretty cool. They're like Wii controllers but for music.
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Five Reasons to Become a DJ

  1. 1. REASONS 107' arcnur A Flexible Schedule. Can schedule gi s when you want. - Usually on mg ts and weekends so you can have another career. Supplemental Income ? _Opportumty. Earn $800- $2000 a ni ht as wedding D] and you get to write off a the cool equipment and music you purchased. , Large and Growing 3 Industry. I Electronic Dance Music F] industry alone is now $4 billion. Top 10 d's made a combined $268 million in 014 up from $125 million in 2012(114% increase! ) Get the opportunity to share your music passion with others, express yourself and own the crowd! No other feeling like it! 4.You control the music. party on Gettothe iithejobl I I Have a blast while Djing and obviously get to party at the "After Pa " and the " After After arty! " 7 9’ Why should you hire Big City DJ? . Call us at 0468 430 016 or 02 9836 0328. Visit us http: IIbigcitydj. com. au/