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The 100 Most Social Big Data Companies

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This presentation covers best practices from studying the 100 most social Big Data companies, including Aerospike, Couchbase, Cloudera, HortonWorks, SAP, SAS, Splunk, and many others.

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The 100 Most Social Big Data Companies

  2. Study Goals Web Browser Market Share • Benchmark Big Data industry usage of social media marketing • Enable vendors to improve marketing effectiveness based on best practices • Leverage previously unavailable data sources to provide market insightsTHE BIG DATA GROUP 2
  3. Key Findings Web Browser Market ShareBig Data vendors can achieve significant Big Data companies underutilize social media and content marketing.marketing advantage Companies averaged 4 blog posts per month and only 8.7% used SlideShare.through social media and content marketing • Companies are highly active on Twitter • Most prolific company tweeted 663 times • Marketers underutilize other channels: only 8.7% use SlideShare and 30.7% use YouTube • Average of 4 blog posts per month • More than half did not leverage YouTube or SlideShare at all during the study periodTHE BIG DATA GROUP 3
  4. Study Data Web Browser Market Share • 100 companies • 600+ blog posts, videos, and SlideShares • 5,707 tweets • Measured Jan 1 - 31, 2013THE BIG DATA GROUP 4
  5. Use Of Social Marketing Channels Web Browser Market Share Companies should Companies are most active on Twitter, with 81.6% of companies using the servicecombine social media for online marketing. Only 8.7% of companies took advantage of SlideShare. with diverse contentmarketing for highest impact 81.6% 58.7% 30.8% 8.7% Twitter Blogs YouTube SlideShareTHE BIG DATA GROUP 5
  6. Top 20 Big Data Companies by Social Presence Web Browser Market ShareOnly 10 companies in On a normalized basis, Couchbase, SAP, Informatica, and SAS led the way in online the study can be social presence. Only 10 companies in the study achieved a score over 50. considered highly active in social and Normalized Score content marketing Couchbase SAP Informatica SAS LexisNexis Cetas Splunk TIBCO Alteryx Cloudera Visual.ly Hortonworks 10gen Kognitio Opera Greenplum QlikView BloomReach InfoChimps Datameer 0 25 50 75 100THE BIG DATA GROUP 6
  7. Normalization Approach Web Browser Market Share We evaluated a variety of social media and content marketing factors to rank the companies in the study. • We evaluated the number of tweets, blog posts,YouTube videos, and SlideShares from each company during the study period • The overall normalized score is based on a combination of these factors, normalized on a scale of 1 - 100THE BIG DATA GROUP 7
  8. Top 20 Big Data Companies By Tweets Web Browser Market Share Twitter was the most Big Data companies are actively using Twitter to promote their brands. The used marketing average company tweets 28 times per month. platform of the channels we LexisNexis 663 evaluated Opera 406 SAS 282 Kognitio 211 10gen 156 Cetas 147 BloomReach 145 Visual.ly 143 Datameer 136 Mortar 131 Recommind 129 DataSift 124 Inrix 119 Alteryx 113 Autonomy 109 QlikView 102 MSSQL 97 TIBCO 92 Oracle 91 Greenplum 89 0 175 350 525 700 TweetsTHE BIG DATA GROUP 8
  9. Top 20 Big Data Companies By Blog Posts Web Browser Market Share Publishing blog Only 10 companies published more than 10 blog posts per month, during the posts consistently study period. The average company publishes just 4 blog posts per month. remains challenging for most companies Informatica 27 TIBCO 18 Visual.ly 17 Cloudera 17 Hortonworks 15 SAS 14 10gen 13 Splunk 13 Alteryx 12 Greenplum 12 Cetas 10 GoodData 10 SAP 10 QlikView 9 Couchbase 9 InfoChimps 9 Tableau 9 MarkLogic 9 MySql 9 BloomReach 8 0 8 15 23 30 Blog PostsTHE BIG DATA GROUP 9
  10. Top 20 Big Data Companies By YouTube Videos Web Browser Market ShareNearly three quarters Less than a third of the study group took advantage of YouTube as a content of companies could marketing channel. Fewer than half the companies posted videos on YouTube. benefit from using YouTube for content SAP 51 Couchbase 20 marketing SAS 18 Inrix 12 Splunk 11 TIBCO 9 Hortonworks 9 Datameer 9 Birst 9 Tableau 6 Aerospike 4 MSSQL 4 Pentaho 4 Informatica 3 QlikView 3 Saffron 3 Atigeo 3 Alteryx 2 Mortar 2 Autonomy 2 0 15 30 45 60 YouTube VideosTHE BIG DATA GROUP 10
  11. Top Big Data Companies By SlideShares Web Browser Market Share More than 90% of Just 8.7% of companies in the study group took advantage of SlideShare for companies could content marketing. The study group posted only 29 Slideshares in total. benefit from adding SlideShare to their content marketing Couchbase 10 mix Cetas 4 Alteryx 3 Kognitio 3 Splunk 2 Informatica 2 Cloudera 2 Datastax 2 InfoChimps 1 0 3 5 8 10 SlideSharesTHE BIG DATA GROUP 11
  12. Percentage Of Companies By Marketing Channel Web Browser Market Share With a little work, companies can Twitter Blogging significantly stand out online from their peers No 14.4% No 41.3% Yes Yes 58.7% 85.6% YouTube SlideShare Yes Yes 8.7% 30.8% No 69.2% No 91.3%THE BIG DATA GROUP 12
  13. Top Reasons Vendors Don’t Use Content Marketing Web Browser Market ShareMany reasons buyers Vendors perceive content production to be expensive and time-consuming, remaining cite for not focused on traditional marketing activities. Some haven’t yet adopted a “media” mindset.purchasing reserved instances prove financially unsound • Perceive content production as time- consuming and costly • Difficult to create content across multiple channels • Haven’t yet adopted “media” mindsetTHE BIG DATA GROUP 13
  14. Future Topics Web Browser Market Share Best practices for workflows, hiring, In future studies we may look at other content marketing channels as well as bestand tools are suitable practices for content production workflows, hiring, and tools. topics for future studies • Guest blog posts, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other channels • Content production workflows and approaches • Best practices for hiring and toolsTHE BIG DATA GROUP 14
  15. Marketing Recommendations For Vendors Web Browser Market ShareVendors can achievesignificant benefit by diversifying their • Combine social media with content marketing content marketing channels • Sharing fresh content like posts, slides, and videos more effective than tweets alone • Diversify content marketing channels • Stand out from the competition by using SlideShare,YouTube, and blogs • Communicate core content in multiple forms across multiple channels • Produce shorter pieces with higher frequency • Short videos, slideshows, and posts are easier to create and more effectiveTHE BIG DATA GROUP 15
  16. For More Information Web Browser Market Share David Feinleib dave@thebigdatagroup.com THE BIG DATA GROUP The Big Data Group works with technology vendors and buyers. We consult on marketing strategy and implementation and on market research. The Big Data Group produces The Big Data Landscape, Big Data Trends, Big Data TV, and The Big Data 100.THE BIG DATA GROUP 16