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Statistics say you have
6o to capture the attention
of an audience
IT'sCrucial to understand the importance
of grasping an audience's attention in the
first moments of a talk
your opening lines set the tone of the overall performance
so a great opener will
prepare & intrigue
the audience
to ensur...
So, how to enchant an audience right off the bat?
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Fish-birth 1st day of fish-school
we crave stories because
we all have them
2000 2013
Fish-birthday BIGFISH graduation
proposing this shared experience
with your audience allows them
to identify wit...
Just remember to keep the story relevant to the
requested topic/event you were asked
to speak about in order to
A simple “How’s everyone doing?”
opens up a forum of sorts for the audience,
empowering them and making them
more receptiv...
A question also makes the audience
think for themselves about a
topic that you control.
This is a great way to set and
reinforce the agenda of your
choice while giving the audience
a sense of power.
Referencing the words and thoughts of an
expert in relation to your message is useful
for establishing an overarching them...
You are imparting wisdom on your audience
while creating a segue into your own topic.
Just make sure you follow up the quote
with an explanation of how it empowers
your topic and how it is relevant.
When used correctly, statistics can be very effective in
illuminatingyour topic. The key is to use veryclear,
accurate and...
A solid statistic places your incoming message in
a concrete, irrefutable and trusted frame of reference.
Data not only provides your presentation with a trusted source,
but also lends credibilityto everything you say thereafter.
extremely powerful and is often used effectively.
A good joke can loosen up your audience and
make them more receptiveto y...
that humor is Highly volatile.
A bad joke can be worse
than no joke at all.
be warned though,
Make sure you have a
scope for your target audience
before you dive into a dud of a joke.
Use these techniques
in your next presentation
to prepare ,engage ,control and
entertainyour audience.
Like all things, these methods are only suggestions
and their effectiveness depends heavily on delivery.
Make them your own,
and you will appear more
natural and fluid in your performance.
2000 2013 Fish-birthday BIGFISH graduation
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2000 2013 Fish-birthday BIGFISH graduation 5 killer ways to open up your next presentation

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2000 2013
Fish-birthday BIGFISH graduation
proposing this shared experience
with your audience allows them
to identify with you
on a personal level

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