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5 Ways to Close a Presentation

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In our newest Slideshare presentation, we at Big Fish Presentations would love to share with our followers 5 ways to close your next presentation.

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5 Ways to Close a Presentation

  1. ways to close A presentation
  2. so, the hard part’s over!
  3. It was smooth sailing throughout your entire presentation.
  4. They laughed at your jokes, stayed attentive, and even responded to your questions.
  5. Your speech is coming to an end, but what’s the perfect way to leave your audience thinking?
  6. 1.Challenge
  7. Convinceyour audience to take what you’ve told them and do it.
  8. shampoo Soap Challengethem to make a difference or do something out of the ordinary.
  9. shampoo Soap Use the power of your speech to inspire action in your audience.
  10. Dare themto take what they’ve learned in your speech and apply it to their lives.
  11. 2.Quote
  12. Find a quote that reiterates your point and gives that last push to understanding the meaning behind your presentation.
  13. After your quote, you can exit the stage with confidence,
  14. and leave the audience with a certain something to always remember.
  15. It may just become their new favorite quote!
  16. 3.Story
  17. Pirates 1stStory Take a storyyou started earlier on in your presentation and finish it at your close.
  18. Making a reference to an earlier part in your presentation will refresh the audience’s memory before their departure.
  19. A success storywill give the audience a sense of hopefulness and self-assurance to make their story a success as well.
  20. 4.Repetition
  21. 1. 2. 3. tell themwhat you’re going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you just told them.
  22. Repetitionreaffirms your position on an argument and helps get the audience on your side. Monday Tuesday Wednesday
  23. Captain Jack Jack, Jr Jack, III If you repeat what you’ve been saying throughout your presentation, the message will definitely get across.
  24. 5.The Big ask
  25. DANCE! The best way to get a reaction out of your audience is to simply ask them to do something.
  26. z z z z How will they know what you need if you never ask?
  27. ? ? ? ? Asking the audience A question at the end of your presentation will keep their minds spinning with questions of their own.
  28. One thing you don’t want to do is close your presentation without saying, “thank you”.
  29. A little appreciation can go a long way.
  30. If you remember to remain calm and be prepared, your presentation will Always be great.