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STANCE // Sarah Hofstetter

She's grown to the highest ranks of corporate ladders by being the most candid person in the room. Join us as we chat with Sarah Hofstetter, Chairwoman of 360i, on candor, kosher eats, and finding your "superpower."

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STANCE // Sarah Hofstetter

  1. 1. Creator. Motivator. Leader. B I G F I S H P R E S E N T A T I O N S . C O M Interview Series Getting Candid with Sarah Hofstetter
  2. 2. Sarah Hofstetter is Chairwoman of 360i, a top advertising agency in the U.S. that has helped its clients capitalize on industry changes. During her 13-year tenure, including five years as CEO, Sarah has led the creation of best in class practices across creative, media and digital. Under Sarah’s stewardship, 360i has been named Adweek’s Breakthrough Media Agency of the Year and featured in Ad Age’s coveted A-List issue for eight consecutive years. “I need critique in order to be better. If you’re giving Me advice, no matter your position or standing, i’ll consider it.”
  3. 3. The world’s greatest presenters and where they stand, on and off the stage. (noun) /stans/ the attitude of a person or organization toward something; a standpoint.
  4. 4. Question: what question should someone ask themselves to find their calling?
  5. 5. Not long ago, I switched jobs (from CEO to Chairwoman.) When we were trying to explain to our employees what that meant, we came up with this: Sarah has certain superpowers that we don’t want to lose, so we want to make sure Sarah’s job leans into her superpowers. Ask yourself the question: What is my superpower? Answer: “The pirvots in my career were derivative of curiousity.”
  6. 6. You’ve frequently stated that you turned your vulnerability into an asset. what Does that mean to you and how can it help others? Question:
  7. 7. Answer: “You have to have a really good answer for why this is holding me back.” You have to look at the things that are holding you back and either blame them or turn them. It’s a face check, because it makes you think about how bad you actually want it. On the other hand, it exposes people to your values and then opens you up to theirs.
  8. 8. Question: What values guide the decisions you make?
  9. 9. “Candor. It’s different from transparency and honesty. ” I believe in getting to the point and saying what you have to say; that way there is no misunderstanding. Too often in this world, there is misunderstanding in conversations because people think they can outsmart others by talking in weird jargon. I think candor is essential to clearing the air in those situations. Answer:
  10. 10. Question: What’s a belief that others would challenge you on?
  11. 11. In some cases, my candor is delivered harshly. However, I do think that candor as a value is so critical. Extra Thought: Candor is most important with your kids. For instance, I don’t believe in telling your kids they’re smart. You can be the smartest kid in the world, but what are you going to do with that knowledge if you have no grit and determination to accompany it? Kids can be super bright, but what if they are raised to believe they are so bright that they don’t have to work because of it? The world will blow smoke at them, so it’s your job as a parent to be a reflection of what the real world looks like. Answer: Candor.
  12. 12. What is some leadership advice you wish you would have ignored? Question:
  13. 13. “People telling me I couldn’t do it.” I like surprising people. For instance, if I went back to my highschool teachers, I was definitely not voted most likely to succeed. When I became CEO, I was only 38, so I didn't look the part. People casted doubt on me for various reasons, but I got the job fair and square. Answer:
  14. 14. Question: What have you learned in the past couple of years that’s impacted the way You approach Life?
  15. 15. I just found out they recorded some of their stories from that time and I discovered those tapes. It completely gave me a different perspective of life and a greater appreciation for my religion and everything I’ve been blessed with. Answer: “My grandparents are holocaust survivors and never spoke of what happened.”
  16. 16. Question: Everyone Stands for something; What do you stand for?
  17. 17. Candor accompanied By empathy… Candor without empathy is tone deaF. Answer:
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