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Cb presentation-march2013

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Cb presentation-march2013

  1. 1. zebrareachGet to KNOW your customers!
  2. 2. Today’s loyalty card programsTangible benefits are difficult, if not impossible to measure
  3. 3. For customers who are looking toreplace cumbersome loyalty cards,zebrareach provides a smartphone appthat makes it easy to earn and redeemrewards at their favorite business.
  4. 4. For businesses looking for better ways toreward their repeat customers and grow theirbusiness, zebrareach is a mobile marketingprogram that enables them to acquire andconnect with their loyal customers.
  5. 5. How does zebrareach work?Two free apps are available now for Android and iPhone.One app is for shoppers and one is for merchants. Get the App Earn Points Be Rewarded‣ Install the zebrareach ‣ Buy zebrareach ‣ Earn free merchandise app via the web or App specials store ‣ Get discounts on ‣ Show the zebrareach purchases‣ Enroll with a plastic ID at checkout membership card ‣ Save points for higher ‣ Refer friends reward levels
  6. 6. What is available today?Start to get to know loyal customers‣Customer directory‣Basic analytics‣Start-up materials‣Multiple reward levels‣Business directory listing‣Customer referrals‣zebrareach newsletter
  7. 7. What does zebrareach cost?The two zebrareach apps are both free to download‣Free for consumers‣One-time setup fee of $75‣FREE for first 50 customers, then $75/month‣Cancel anytime‣Tiered pricing for additional features
  8. 8. Product roadmapUpdates to the app are released about once each month ‣In-app messaging ‣Credit Card Wallet ‣Special Offers ‣Product inventory ‣Scavenger hunts ‣Mobile purchasing ‣Mobile websites ‣Gift Cards / Vouchers
  9. 9. Thank You! Bill Blevins 540-424-7577 bill@zebrareach.com