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How-to reach your business goals with Bing Ads

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As a small business owner, you may be asking: How do I connect with people who may be around the corner and looking for a nearby business to meet their needs? Here at Bing Ads, making search engine marketing work efficiently for advertisers is our priority. We offer a number of easy to implement features to help your meet your number one goal – whether it be getting more calls, more leads or more people walking through your front door. Enjoy our infographic which tells you more about how Bing Ads can help you find your next customer or get started today at www.bingads.com.

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How-to reach your business goals with Bing Ads

  1. 1. How to find your next customer with Bing Ads Target the opportunity around the corner. Don’t miss out on these searches. The Yahoo Bing Network can help you reach 1/3 of people searching on the internet.3 Sources: 1: eMarketer, May 1, 2014; 2: eMarketer, March 13, 2013; 3: comScore qSearch (custom), December 2013; 4: Microsoft internal data Become your neighborhood’s go-to and start advertising with the Yahoo Bing Network.www.bingads.com 41% of smartphone users search for local information in-store.1 33% of smartphone users search for local information at a bar or restaurant.1 51% of smartphone users search for local information on the go (car, bus, etc.).1 71% visit your website.2 77% call your business after searching on their smartphone.2 54% search for business hours.1 53% search for directions.1 50% search for your address.1 Make it easy for customers to find you. With Local Extensions, include your address in local search results and see up to a 33% higher click-through rate.4 Get your phone to ring faster. With Call Extensions your number is placed inside an ad making it easy for people to call you. With Bing Places for Business your business is listed on Bing Maps for free, anyone visiting your neighborhood will easily see where you are located. Looking for new, local customers? Choose a radius for your ad as few as five miles of your business with Location Targeting.