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Hot Ideas! For using Images in Presentations.

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Pictures communicate at levels beyond the descriptive possibilities of words and bathe the brain in much desired visual stimulation. At the same time, not all pictures are created equally. Choosing the right images, and using them in the right ways, can greatly impact your effectiveness.

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Hot Ideas! For using Images in Presentations.

  1. for using images in presentations By Bipul Deb Nath
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words
  3. Remember an advertising
  4. Most of them usages remarkable and unforgettable Image.
  5. Consequently your presentation required unique, powerful and highest quality Image.
  6. because
  7. Powerful image affect people in an emotional way and help them to remember your content.
  8. Agenda synchronization image with presentation powerful Image &
  9. What makes images so powerful?
  10. Off centering Image subject by dividing frame into thirds and placing focal point on one of the hot spots. Hot spots The Rule of Thirds
  11. The Great Dividing Range is one of Australia's most important geographical features.
  12. Find a landscape pictures and place horizon line on the upper third or lower thirds. Place a horizontal line
  13. “Everything you can imagine is real.” Pablo Picasso
  14. Angles or View Points Find different angles and different levels image where object moving around .
  15. 10.4 million residential and 309,000 public Swimming pools in the United States
  16. Close-ups are one of the standard shots and display the most detail of the subject. medium and wide close-up
  17. Zink 5% Vitamin d 15% Iron 10% 30% Vitamin c 13% Calcium Malnutrition facts -Third World children health
  18. 2.7 million at the end of 2013 Highest level for 17 years Unemployment
  19. Even though audience themselves are static but you can still convey a strong sense of movement by selecting moving image. Space to move
  20. Change the way you look at thing And the thing’s You look at change
  21. Find out Bright primary colors image that really attract the eye, especially when they’re contrasted with a complementary hue. Play with colors
  22. Design for
  23. 15% 35% 50% Android ios others
  24. How to synchronize image in presentation
  25. Consider using a common color tinting or photo effect to unify all the slides in the deck. 1
  26. The more good you do The betteryou will feel
  27. Technology has become our sixth sense the right thing Be persistent in doing
  28. Customer will become tomorrow’s competitors.Be open in your interaction with others minded
  29. Stock photography has a bad rap. .Change angle and crop a stock photo adds a lot of power to the image. 2
  30. Women make the world go round
  31. 3 Image manipulations are always very interesting to watch because – its give a realistic view of an unreal picture.
  32. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Steve Jobs
  33. The Beatles Total Album Sales 2,303,500,000
  34. 4 Contrast Impactful Font With a Solid Image it makes an impression and catches the eye.
  35. F R E N C H A R T funded around million a year $ 8 5 0
  36. This is SO important. Either get permission, use Creative Commons licensed images or use your own shots. At last Don't infringe image copyright
  37. Make your next pitch HOTEmail me: bipulnath.wordpress.com bipulcontact@gmail.com Click here to learn more
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