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Speak Asia Business Presentation

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Speak Asia Business Presentation - Team BizBasket


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Speak Asia Business Presentation

  1. 1. SpeakAsiaOnline.com<br />Business Presentation<br />Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  2. 2. What Is SpeakAsiaOnline.com<br />SpeakasiaonlinePte. Ltd, Singapore (SAOL) is a part of Haren Ventures and is operating since 2006<br />The company is currently in two domains:<br /><ul><li> The first domain is “precision marketing”. In this the company engages in filtered/narrow casting of marketing and sales related services. These services to name a few are providing survey panels, Advertising, lead generating and also sales. 
  3. 3. The second domain is to provide knowledge, information and training to its panelist, for their overall development in order to make them empowered consumers.</li></ul>Speak Asia is owned by a holding company – Podium Ring International Ltd , registered in British Virgin Islands. SAOL’s online Panelists are interacting daily with SAOL through its management, staff and advisers. Podium Ring is not in the picture for those interactions. The global CEO is Ms. Harendar Kaur supported by Mr. Manoj Kumar CEO-India and the Speakasia team.<br />Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  4. 4. Why Company Needs Surveys To Be Done?<br />Today consumerism is sunk so deep in every one of us that we all need and buy according to our aspirations. We consumers, today have started dictating the market behavior. <br />Hence, these manufactures of goods & surveys and services need to know our aspirations while they manufacture/package their goods/services accordingly. In order to know what the consumer aspiration is, they need to go down to the consumers and ask what we want, hence the surveys are conducted. <br />These manufactures contact SpeakAsia with their requirements, who in turn prepares and sends the surveys to us to do.<br />Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  5. 5. What Are These Surveys All About?<br />These surveys are mainly done to know the consumer behavior. - What we want, what we don't want, what we use, what we like, what we don't like.<br />For Example:A mobile company might want to know what kind of mobiles are being used by the consumers. Which age group like what all features. A young person might want a mobile which comes with jazzy colors and with good sound quality, comfortable earphones with great sound. A professional might want a touch-screen with a bluetooth and a wifi and more memory space. The youth might also want all these.<br />These surveys will have questions like:<br /><ul><li> The demographicinformation - (age/sex/location/occupation)
  6. 6. Which Handset do youuse? - (Nokia/Samsung/LG/Sony/BlackBerry/iPhone) - choose one
  7. 7. Are you satisfied with your mobile? (Yes/No) - Choose One
  8. 8. How Satisfied Are You With Your Mobile? - (Very Satisfied/Somewhat Satisfied/Neutral/Somewhat Dissatisfied/Very Dissatisfied) - Choose One
  9. 9. Which is your preferred mobile company? - (Nokia/Samsung/LG/Sony/BlackBerry/iPhone) - choose one
  10. 10. What features you like most in a mobile? - (Bluetooth/TouchScreen/Wifi/More Memory/Stereo Music/High Pixel Camera/other)</li></ul>Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  11. 11. Why Company Pays us For The Survey?<br />There are hundreds of company in the market involved in online survey. Most of the company do not pay us anything (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc) <br />But then, most of the people do not attend these surveys as they do not have the time to spare for these surveys. <br />When the company pays us, we definitely do the surveys as its a source of income for us. The company sells these survey information to their clients and we get paid to in return. <br />If we do not do surveys for them, they wont get paid, hence they pay us to do the surveys.<br />Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  12. 12. How Can We Join SpeakAsiaOnline?<br />There are 3 ways of joining SpeakAsia –<br />If You Have Worked As Online Panelist In The Past And Have Earned AtleastRs50,00 In A Year’s Time Then You Can Join SpeakAsia For Free<br />You Can Appear For A Test/Interview (evaluation process) To Join SpeakAsia Which Is Conducted In Mumbai. If You Get Through The Evaluation Then You Can Join SpeakAsia For Free<br /> If None Of The Above Works Out Then You Can Join With A Paid Training Program (OJT – On Job Training) – Here You Pay Rs.11,000 For This Training Program And You Get Subscription To eZine Magazine Called Survey Today.<br />Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  13. 13. What Are My Earning Opportunities?<br />As Of Now There Are 4 Source Of Income From SpeakAsia –<br />Survey Income<br />Direct Referral<br />Royalty Bonus<br />Binary / Pair Income<br />SpeakAsia Income Can Be Divided As Follows:<br />Fixed Income<br />Potential Income<br />Other Source Of Income Will Be Added Soon<br />Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  14. 14. 1. - Survey Income - – - SpeakAsia Earnings<br /><ul><li> Every Panelists Get 2 Surveys Every Week Per Panel
  15. 15. Each Survey Pays Us Rs. 500 (10 RP) On Successful Completion
  16. 16. Rs.1,000 As Weekly Income Per Panel
  17. 17. Rs. 52,000 Earned In A Year’s Time
  18. 18. A Person Can Take A 1 Main-Panel & 9 Sub-Panels In His/Her Name
  19. 19. A Total of 10 Panels (1 Main-Panel and 9 Sub-Panels) Per Week Will Give 20 Surveys Per Week – Which Means – Rs.10,000 Income Per week
  20. 20. Each Of These Surveys (1 Main-Panel and 9 Sub-Panels) Will Have Different Surveys To Be Done
  21. 21. A Panelists Gets 30 days Of Time Period To Finish One Survey
  22. 22. These Surveys Are Opinion Based And Usually Get Over In 10 Mins By An Average Person</li></ul>Its NOT At All Mandatory To Refer Anyone To Earn This Income<br />Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  23. 23. 2. - Direct Referral - – - SpeakAsia Earnings<br /><ul><li>A Person Who Has Been Referred By You
  24. 24. Joins SpeakAsia Using Your Sponsor Id / Username
  25. 25. You Earn Rs.1,000 For Every Direct Referral Of Yours
  26. 26. You Can Have As Many Direct Referrals As You Want
  27. 27. You Get Rs.1,000 For Every Direct Referral OF Main-Panel As Well Every Sub-Panels Too</li></ul>Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  28. 28. 3. – Royalty Bonus - – - SpeakAsia Earnings<br /><ul><li>Royalty Bonus Is Earned Only From Your Direct Referrals
  29. 29. For Every Survey Done By Your Direct Referral, You Earn Rs.75
  30. 30. For Every Direct Referral Your Royalty Bonus Gets You Rs.150 Every Week
  31. 31. Rs.75 x 2 = Rs.150
  32. 32. For Every Direct Referral Your Royalty Bonus Gets You Rs.7,800
  33. 33. Rs.75 x 2 x 52 = Rs.7,800</li></ul>Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  34. 34. 4. – Binary Income- – - SpeakAsia Earnings<br /><ul><li>Binary Means Pair
  35. 35. For Every PAIR You Have In Your Down-line, You Earn Rs1000
  36. 36. A Pair Is Completed When You Have One Person In Your Left Tree And One On Your Right Tree
  37. 37. These Referrals Need Not Be Your Direct Referrals, They Can Be Referred Either By Your Down-line or Up-line
  38. 38. To Be Eligible To Earn Binary Income You Must Have 2 Direct Referrals, Of Which One Must Be On Your Left And The Other On Your Right</li></ul>Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  39. 39. SpeakAsiaOnline – Fixed Income<br /><ul><li>Fixed Income In SpeakAsia Is Earned By Filling Surveys
  40. 40. Its NOT At All Mandatory To refer Anyone To Earn This Income
  41. 41. 1MP Is 1 Main-Panel – Rs.11,000
  42. 42. 1SP Is 1 Sub-Panel – Rs.10,000</li></ul>Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  43. 43. SpeakAsiaOnline – Potentail Income<br /><ul><li>Potential Income Is Directly Proportional To 2 Things Only
  44. 44. Your Skill
  45. 45. Your Will</li></ul>Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  46. 46. Team BizBasket – www.BizBasket.Net<br /><ul><li>Why Join Team BizBasket
  47. 47. BizBasket Team Is being Lead By The Most Dynamic Networker/Leader – MrPankaj Srivastava – A Person Who Was Trained By Mr Bill Britt In Person. Mr Srivastava Is One Of The Top 10 MLM Leaders In India
  48. 48. BizBasket – A Team Of Very Strong Leaders and Networkers From Various Walks Of Life And MLM Companies
  49. 49. PAN India Presence
  50. 50. Excellent Support And Connectivity
  51. 51. Exclusive Training
  52. 52. Understand The Business Model 
  53. 53. Learn The Basic Skills & Apply 
  54. 54. Learn Presentation Skills & Apply 
  55. 55. Learn Leadership Skills & Apply 
  56. 56. Learn Internet Marketing Skills & Apply 
  57. 57. Learn How To Teach and Transfer/Duplicate Your Skills & Apply 
  58. 58. Create Leaders 
  59. 59. Lead The Leaders</li></ul>Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  60. 60. SpeakAsia Payment Proof<br />Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />
  61. 61. Team BizBasket – Contact Us<br />BizBasketAdmin – bizbasket@inbox.com<br />Team BizBasket – www.bizbasket.net<br />