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People like a good product review,
especially a non-biased one. Why...
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10 blog post ideas when you are stuck for blog post ideas

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This Infographic gives you 10 blog post ideas when you have writers block. Which we all get from time to time. These blog post ideas are evergreen, and largely universal.

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10 blog post ideas when you are stuck for blog post ideas

  1. 1. BLOG POST IDEAS WHEN YOU ARE STUCK FOR BLOG POST IDEAS People like a good product review, especially a non-biased one. Why not share your opinion on something. Write product reviews on related products in your niche. •Why I Use _____ •Why I Don't Use _____ •______ Review – My Honest Opinion Why not share your opinion on a website. Write website reviews on sites related to your niche. •Why I Love _____.com •Why I Don't Visit _____.com •Why _____.com Is So Popular People always like hearing about new tools online that can make their jobs easier. Why not use yourself as a case study to talk about a tool that you get results from? •Tools I Recommend and Use •How ____ Helped Me With ____ •Why _____ Is Not Recommended It is hard to believe that everyone gets things right first time. Especially in the online business, this is very unlikely in fact. So, another great topic is to share your mistakes and things you would do differently. •The 5 Biggest Mistakes I Made With My Business •The Big Lesson I Learned From Messing Up •Why Failing With _____ Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened Everybody loves a good list post. You must have an idea of some competing ideas or products for a list. A really effective post idea with lots of interaction usually. •Top 20 Blogs To Watch Out For In _____ •5 Great Tools For Your Site •Top 10 ______ Why not use yourself or even somebody else as a case study. There will be plenty of options here. Don't be afraid to show the failures as well as the successes. •How I Got 1000 Subscribers In a Day! •How Joe Smith Lost His Page Rank Overnight •Our 12 Month Review Interviewing people is a great way to get content for your website. This will also get you some great contacts for further ventures. You can do this via email – very easy. Simply send out a few emails with your questions attached and then await your response. People can answer in their own time this way. To take things further, why not try and arrange a video interview over Skype or Google Hangout? •Joe Bloggs Interview – Talking To a Business Hero •John Smith Interview – From $0 to $100000 In One Year •John Doe Interview – John Explains His First 12 Months What sounds better; ‘How To Lose 10lbs’ or ‘How To Lose 10lbs In a Week’? Show people exactly how to achieve something in a set period of time. •How To Do _____ In 7 Days •How To ____ In a Month •How To Create a _____ In 6 Weeks We all like reading about comparisons, whether it be a comparison of two similar products or even two people. We can gain some valuable information from these posts. When comparing products, think about what features are different. Take into consideration cost, benefits and how user friendly it is. •Why X is Better Than Y •X Vs Y – Why I Use X •When Choosing Your ____, Should You Go For X or Y? Nobody likes a faceless blogger these days. So, why not share your story. Or even, share your story again. Show how far you have come and share your adventures with your audience. •How I First Got Into _____ Business •What My Plans Are For The Next Year •How I made My First Dollar Online