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8 Alternative Social Media Sites

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Here is an Infographic I created giving details of 8 slightly less mainstream social media sites you may or may not have heard of. #infographic Should you be using them? There are way more than the usual Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Perhaps your niche would be better suited on a less well known platform?


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8 Alternative Social Media Sites

  1. 1. 8 Alternative Social Media Sites You Should consider? Aim delicious digg blinklist blogmark Designfloat is the social media site dedicated to the design industry. Laid out a bit like bookmarking – could be useful if this is your niche. Delicious is an easy tool that is also 100% free to use. This will organise for you and help you to remember all your favourite links you find interesting across the web. Blogmark is a social bookmarking service that allows categorization via custom tags. Several tools too to allow you to share content. Invite only to get in. maybe...... designfloat Aim gives you a simple way to chat with friends, colleagues and family – or use it to collaborate on a project. Talk and share with the groups of people that matter to you the most. Newsvine is a community powered news website for anyone who wishes to share news stories. Drawing content from its users and syndicated content from its mainstream press. Arguably the best photo sharing and photo management application on the web today. Show off your favourite photos to the world, safely and securely. flickr Blinklist is a great bookmarking site. Never lose a great web page again. Boosting over 500,000 members now and growing fast. Great for sharing links with others. Digg – What the Internet is talking about right now. The most interesting and talked about stories, videos and pictures across the web. Is your story on here? www.aim.com www.designfloat.com delicious.com digg.com blinklist.com www.flickr.com newsvine www.newsvine.com blogmarks.net