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Why you should not use the empower network

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There has been much hype over the so-called Empower Network and how this is the dream for everyone who wants to make easy money online. Well – its not. It is essentially a pyramid scheme and it offers nothing. Yep – nothing, nadda, diddly squat. You see, they expect you to pay a minimum $25 a month just to join their blogging platform (which is just a WordPress theme that you have very little control over) It does not stop there – you have to pay for an eWallet, training and loads more BS, really its around $145 a month.

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Why you should not use the empower network

  1. 1. Upwards of $140 per month for essentially a few pages on someone else's domain! Thousands of dollars if you buy the “Training Program” – which is not worth a dime. Banned from Facebook for spamming. So you will not be able to share your content directly through this program. Fairly big, considering they recommend sharing through here. There is no product! You are paying for thin air! You don't own the content, you don't own the domain. Sure – you get some training, but this is all freely available elsewhere and it is very average at best... They say 100% commissions – but this is rubbish. You do not get commissions for your 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th one after this. Simple...?!? No – just a lie. Well, since writing this they have changed their policies somewhat. They now offer a whopping 3 day refund. What other legitimate online business offers that low a return policy? I mean come on.... Surely if you are going to pay around $145 for a blogging platform you would expect a free trial option yes? Wrong – nothing, they are out to take your money from the outset. And once you pay you are free to post on someone else’s domain. So you will never own the content! There are widespread complaints of the lack of support given by this thinly-masked pyramid scheme. People have complained of lack of refunds and the quality of training. Also the lack of knowledge of upfront fees is another thing. If you enter at the bottom of $25 a month – expect to be bombarded to go all in for $3500! Some very disturbing cases of people getting harassed by their “Team” to go all in for $3500. This is the big commissions – for what though? More “how to blog” pre-recorded webinars? This 100% ponzi scheme offers nothing but telling you to sell HOT air. Is really has no value. Why should you pay to post content on someone else’s blog? AVOID AND RUN AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN www.JohnBanksBlog.com