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rural tourism

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  1. 1. 2012 International Conference on Convergence Information TechnologyLecture Notes in Information Technology, Vol.19 Research of “Leisure Sports and Rural Tourism” Operational Project Implemented in Dabie Mountains of Hubei province Shi Xiaoping Huanggang Normal University Hubei china E-mail: ty-sxp@hgnu.edu.cnKeywords: Hubei Dabie Mountains; leisure sports and rural tourism; project developmentAbstract. This thesis is conducting the feasible analysis of the causes, advantages as well aspolicies and strategic opportunities for Hubei Dabie Mountains to implement “leisure sports andrural tourism” by document-data method, survey and interview method, actual investigation methodand other research methods, which proposes the measures for Hubei Dabie Mountains to implementthe operational project development of “leisure sports and rural tourism” and provides referencevalue for the rapid and healthy development of the economic and social development experimentalsites built in Hubei Dabie Mountains – the old revolutionary base areas.1. IntroductionNowadays, many people like to get close to nature, be far way from the bustling cities and go torural areas for health regimen and leisure tourism due to increasing pressure of city life, fiercecompetition and fast pace of life, in order to release the pressure. Hubei Dabie Mountaina are theold revolutionary base areas with pleasant scenery of the surrounding villages, where the ruraltourism has been carried out to achieve “red Dabie Mountains, developed Dabie Mountains, greenDabie Mountains and wealthy Dabie Mountains” and the strategic decisions of tourism has beendeployed around eight counties and cities of Hong’an, Macheng, Luotian, Yingshan, Qichun,Tuanfeng, Dawu and Xiaochang, attracting a lot of city tourists. Tourism has also become theimportant local pillar industry. At present, the leisure tourism development of “rural tourism” inHubei Dabie Mountains has begun to take shape and formed the tourism industrial pattern of redremains, green ecology of Dabie Mountains, Zen cultural tourism economic zone and “one centerwith three zones”. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s tourism demandand constant broadening of the field which the tourism industry is involved in, the pilot project oforganic combination of leisure sports and “rural tourism” has been carried out in certain areasthroughout the country and welcomed by vast number of tourists and the market of “leisure sportsand rural tourism” is promising. Therefore, in this paper, we consider to combine the features andadvantages of Hubei Dabie Mountains to develop the projects of “leisure sports and rural tourism”suitable for the folk customs of Hubei Dabie Mountains, bring more tourists to the “rural tourism”in Dabie Mountains and broader publicity, greatly enhance the satisfaction of the tourists, promotethe steady development of the new rural economy in China and provide reference value for therapid and healthy development of the economic and social development experimental sites built inHubei Dabie Mountains – the old revolutionary base areas.2. Causes for Hubei Dabie Mountains to Implement “Leisure Sports and Rural Tourism”2.1 Slow life promotes the development of “rural tourism” with fashion and healthy lifestyle.In recent years, the Euro-American countries have advocates “slow life”. In China, due to978-1-61275-018-7/10/$25.00 ©2012 IERI ICCIT2012 192
  2. 2. increasing pressure of city life, the urbanites like to get close to nature, ramble in the roads like fieldparks, experience simple rural life, and appreciate ancient ruins, taste characteristic delicacies andexperience farming and health, feeling very comfortable. Such slow life has become a fashion andhealthy lifestyle of urbanites and promoted more and more people to go to villages to experience“rural tourism”.Currently, an upsurge of rural tourism of Hubei Dabie Mountains has begun to be explored andtried in the cities and counties to fully tap the cultural elements and resource characteristics and toopen up the leisure holiday lines with local characteristics. For example, the “romantic ruraltourism” in Luotian displays the fresh air and charming scenery, folk customs and local conditionsof Luotian; the “farmhouse enjoyment” in Caodian Village, Qiliping Town, Hong’an County formsthe agricultural tourism products featured by “flower mountains and fruit seas”; Linjia DawanVillage in Tuanfeng with the human concept of “red land, hometown of celebrities” attractsnumerous visitors at home and abroad; Henanfan Village in Yingshan Yangliuwan Town drives therural tourism as a new ecological and civilized village; the natural azalea scattered over hill and dalein Macheng indulges the tourists in pleasures without any thought of leaving… The “rural tourism”in Hubei Dabie Mountains has been gradually formed a network, covering and linking the variousvillages and driving and promoting the development of local rural tourism industry.2.2 It has great potential of development to consider the leisure sports as the rural tourismproducts in experience economy era.In leisure era, the economic form is transited from service economy to experience economy and theconsumer demand of “experience” will soar to an unprecedented height. The concept of ruraltourism development has also considered the results of high-level cultural experience activities asan important cultural tourism resource. The aesthetic experience, escapist experience, entertainmentexperience and educational experience can be fully embodied in the sports tourism products. As themanifestation of the high-level cultural experience activities, the development of “leisure sports andrural tourism” can not only help to acquire knowledge, enrich experience, improve oneself andenhance regional culture and a sense of national pride, but also can help to experience unrepeatablecivilization enjoyment and the resulting sense of accomplishment, all of which can not beexperienced in other tourism products. Therefore, it has great potential of development to considerthe leisure sports as the rural tourism products.3 Advantages for Hubei Dabie Mountains to Implement “Leisure Sports and Rural Tourism”3.1 Rich types of tourism resourcesHubei Dabie Mountains have beautiful natural scenery, green ecology, red remains, Zen culture andother tourism resources. Firstly, there are many tourist attractions of green ecology, such as famousTian Tang Zhai National Forest Park in the main peak of Dabie Mountains, Bodaofeng, ParadiseLake surrounded by mountains, Xishui Triangle Mountain, Hilly Peach National Forest Park inYingshan County and other 20 famous scenery spots such as Black Dragon Pool, Maoping River,Waxiepai, Trunk Pulling Water, Miaolian Peak. Secondly, the red tourism attractions in Hong’anCounty, Macheng City and other places, especially the forces led by Liu Bocheng and DengXiaoping moving rapidly into Dabie Mountains across thousand miles, breaking out from centralplains and other historical events have left a large number of revolutionary ruins, relics andmonuments, thus making fame spread far and wide. Thirdly, there are Huangmei Buddhism Zen theFourth Ancestral Temple and Fifth Ancestral Temple and other famous ancestor courts ofBuddhism, among which the Miaole Temple is known as the “First Temple in the South Land” andthe Hall of Heavenly Kings is one of the largest King Halls in China. In addition, there are alsoancient tourism resources such as Jiu Ci Battle, Li Cheng Chaos, Lu Xun chasing Cao Cao, XuShouhui uprising and becoming the emperor, Ma Chaozhu calling together and uprising in TianTang Zhai, Taiping Army fighting bloody wars in Songzi Pass. Here produces a lot of celebrity men, 193
  3. 3. such as Su Dongpo, Li Shizhen and Li Siguang with scientific spirit. These scenery spots arebasically distributed in the counties (cities) in Huanggang City and in the vast rural areas.3.2 Advancement of regional tourism cooperation, convenient tourist communicationsHubei Dabie Mountains have the location advantages of “linking the east to the west, connectingthe south to the north, abound in gifts of centre and linking rivers and oceans”. The tourist roadsstretch long with Wuhan-Yingshan Expressway, Wuhan-Macheng Expressway, Daqing-GuangzhouExpressway and high-speed railways through the territory. The provincial and municipalcommittees attach great importance to the advancement of regional tourism cooperation, plan tointegrate Huanggang tourism into Wuhan city tourism circle with the platform of Wuhan citytourism circle, strengthen the tourism cooperation with Anhui, Henan, Jiangxi, Huangshi and thesurrounding provinces and cities and actively build Dabie Mountains barrier-free tourismcooperation zone with the carrier of Dabie Mountains tourism circle, open up three tour terminals ofHuangmei, Wuxue and Huangzhou and integrate Huanggang tourism into Yangtze River cruise linesand Three Kingdoms tourism lines with the carrier of Yangtze River waterway, join the main touristattractions along the Beijing-Kowloon Railway with the carrier of the Beijing-Kowloon Railway toform Beijing-Kowloon sightseeing route, join the Jiuhua Mountain, Tianzhu Mountain in Anhui andthe Shaolin Temple in Henan with the platform of the Fourth Ancestral Temple and Fifth AncestralTemple to form the fine tourist line of Chinese Buddhism and join Henan Xin County, AnhuiJinzhai County with the main parts of Hong’an Martyrs Cemetery and group of monuments atQiliping to form red fine tourist lines of Dabie Mountains. When the tourist communications in thehinterland of Dabie Mountains is being improved, the scenic connection roads, the lounging roadsin the scenic areas and other infrastructure construction are promoted vigorously to progressivelyrealize the traffic patterns of the major circle of “one center with three zones”, the middle cycle of“red, ecology and culture” and the small cycle in the scenery areas.3.3 Large tourist market spaceThe tourist markets in Dabie Mountain areas can be subdivided into two submarkets of domestictourist markets and inbound tourist markets. The domestic tourist markets can be divided into theshort-distance leisure tourism market segments, domestic red cultural tourism market segments andeco-tourism market segments. Since Dabie Mountain is situated on the borders between threeprovinces, it can be radiated to the tourist market in the densely populated central region. If as thecore, Dabie Mountains will be very attractive to the short-distance leisure tourism market segmentsin the Dabie Mountain areas and the surrounding areas and will be the tourists ideal place forleisure in weekends and on short holidays. The red characteristics can also attract domestic redcultural tourism market segments to become the organized patriotism education base. With goodoriginal ecology, Dabie Mountains is the ideal place for the urbanites who are tired of modern citylife to go. The compound substances of Dabie Mountain tourism provide a realistic basis for thedifferential management of the regional tourism and ensure the size of the markets. With the furtherimprovement of domestic economic development level, the scale of corresponding market segmentswill be further expanded and the inbound tourism markets such as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan,Japan and the United States will be gradually attracted and expanded. For example, in the 90thanniversary of founding of China, there were more than 800,000 tourists participating in the redtourism in Hong’an for the activity of re-crossing Dabie Mountains, receiving the tourist income ofnearly 100 million yuan. In 2010, Huanggang City has received 8.19 million tourists from homeand abroad and the comprehensive tourism income of 4.4 billion yuan. With large tourist flow toHuanggang Dabie Mountains, the tourist industry trends to be booming.4 Golden Policies and Strategic Opportunities for Hubei Dabie MountainsIn 2009, the Standing Committee of the State Council passed the Planning to Promote the Rise ofMidland. Located in the heartland of the midland, the Dabie Mountain area is an important cultural 194
  4. 4. and tourism base in the middle. The development and implementation of the “Rise of Midland”planning will inevitably bring about the rise of tourism in the central regions. The PromotionProgram of Tourism Industry in Economic and Social Development Experimental Sites in DabieMountains, the Old Revolutionary Base Areas developed and issued by the Tourism Administrationof Hubei Province in May 2010 proposes to cultivate the tourist industry as an important local pillarindustry according to the requirements of “significant changes in three years, major changes in fiveyears and leap-type great development in ten years”, so that the economic and social developmentexperimental sites in Dabie Mountains, the old revolutionary base areas become the major redtourism base in China and the nationally known comprehensive tourism destination with distinctivefeatures. Huanggang Municipal Committee and Municipal Government implement the decision anddeployment of Special Plan for Tourism Development in Huanggang Dabie Mountains – theComprehensive Reform Experimental Area of Two-Oriented Society in Wuhan City Circledeveloped by the provincial committee and provincial government, make the strategic vision ofconstructing the red ecological and cultural tourism economic belt in Huanggang Dabie Mountainsand promoting the rapid economic development of the old revolutionary areas and are committed tobuild the tourist industrial pattern of “one center with three zones”, that is, centered on the urbanarea of Huanggang City, to speed up the construction of Dabie Mountain red tourism areas with themain parts of Hong’an and Macheng, the construction of Dabie Mountain eco-tourism areas withthe main parts of Luotian, Yingshan, Xishui and Wuxue and the construction of cultural andreligious tourism areas with the main parts of Huangzhou, Tuanfeng, Qichun and Huangmei. Thetransformation of red tourism lines, the development of scenery spots, the construction of travelagencies and tourist hotels, the expansion of tourism commodities and tourism culture as well as thepolicy supports and safeguard measures of red tourism have been defined clearly in the Outline ofDevelopment Program for the 11th Five-Year Tourism in Huanggang City, which will be bound tocreate a tourism brand for the “leisure sports and rural tourism” and provide a firm guarantee forrealizing the great-leap-forward development in tourism.5 Measures for Hubei Dabie Mountains to Implement the Operational Project Developmentof “Leisure Sports and Rural Tourism”5.1 Develop the leisure sports pilot projects of tourist counties, towns and villages in HubeiDabie Mountain Area with the opportunity of farmhouse tourismThe major tourist towns such as Qiliping in Hong’an, Jiuzi River in Luotian, Guishan Mountain inMacheng, the Fifth Ancestral Temple in Huangmei, Qichun Qizhou, the tourist villages such asDark Clouds Village in Yingshan, Saint Hall Village in Luotian, Duitianhe Village in Hong’an and anumber of “farmhouse enjoyment” in Hubei Dabie Mountain areas have become the main source oftourism economic benefits in the old revolutionary base areas of Dabie Mountains. In order torealize the sustainable development of farmhouse enjoyment, it is necessary to strengthen and tapthe development of leisure sports products and to reconstruct the farmhouse tourism products. Withthe basis of resources, the guidance of market and the means of innovation, the ultimate goal are tomeet the tourists’ “tourism demand”. Yingshan has proposed to build the “water park” in recentyears. In addition to the developed Bisheng drifting, it is committed to developing the water sports(swimming, diving, rowing, surfing), water tourism and leisure (spa resort, drifting, waterfallwatching), water recreation (water park, night scene tour) and water god worship (Longtan Temple)to develop the leisure industry by combining water loving, water amusement, water entertainmentand water worship. The folk villages in Dabie Mountains carry out the folk leisure and fitnessactivities, such as kite flying, diabolo, gyro spinning, sandbag hitting, darts, hoop rolling, dragondance, waist drum, yangko, pedestrianism, cockfighting. In red tourism forests, hike, climbing,outdoor bound and other activities can be carried out and the modern novel, popular, stylish andinteresting experience activities can also be introduced, such as live CS, quality development andother products. 195
  5. 5. In addition, the mining and development of leisure and sports projects under different seasons anddifferent weather conditions, the organic combination of natural and human sports by using ruralagro-ecological culture and farming culture elements meet the tourist demand to participate in thefarmhouse enjoyment throughout the year and make tourists have growing interest in the farmhouseknowledge and in the demand to experience tourism consumption, such as to participate in fishingand sports games when outing in spring, to carry out boating, parent-child fishing and other waterentertainment items when enjoying flowers in summer, to carry out forest hiking and cycling whenpicking fruit in autumn and to carry out horseback riding, mountain climbing, indoor recreationalgames and activities and folk dance performances watching in winter. The goal is to achieve mentaland physical pleasure, to steadily expand the tourism of farmhouse enjoyment, to formdiversification pattern, to create the classic sports tourism of Dabie Mountains “farmhouseenjoyment” and to gradually form the brand through the farming experience rich in the features ofHubei Dabie Mountains and the participation in leisure and sports activities.5.2 Establish the featured sports tourism products integrating red tourism, folk tourism andleisure tourism as a whole with the representative of red tourism in Hong’an County andMacheng CityIntegrate the patriotism education and sports culture into the activities loved and activelyparticipated in by the masses with the contents and forms of red tourism activities in HonganCounty, Macheng City and other places. Specifically plan the scenes of the revolutionarypredecessors to work, fight, live and labor through the innovation of means and methods, so that thetourists can experience in person the sports tourism activities with rich content and a variety offorms such as “long-march fitness walking”, “crossing the Chuishui River for four times”,“guerrilla fighting” and “martyrs jumping”, containing education in tourism and containingeducation in amusement, in order to really achieve the imperceptible effect of “learning in touringand touring in learning”. The elaborate experience and participatory tourism “crossing the snowmountains and the marshy grasslands” (mountain climbing and walking), “speedily crossing theDadu River” (swimming) and other activities, for example, are the success stories of integration anddevelopment of two kinds of tourism resources.5.3 Bring forth new Chinese Wushu, longevity and health care and Qigong projects from theold with the Buddhist thought of the Fourth Ancestral Temple and Fifth Ancestral Temple inHuangmei and increase exhibition gamesAs the famous tourist attractions, the Fourth Ancestral Temple and Fifth Ancestral Temple inHuangmei are the holy land of Zen Buddhism with beautiful scenery and many places of interest,not only occupying a very important position in the history of Buddhism in China, but also having awide impact in Japan, India and the countries in Southeast Asia. In the field of sports, therepresentative Chinese Wushu, longevity and health care and Qigong are all derived from Buddhism.The meditation method in the Buddhist thought promotes the health care in China, emphasizes theexternal static and internal moving exercise of the body and promotes health and longevity of thehuman body through long-term meditation practice and by using some fitness methods of breathingregulating, aligning and body regulating. Based on Chinese boxing and aimed at training of qi andtraining of force, the Buddhist Wushu is the method to build the body and the basis to win thevictory over the enemy. The Buddhist meditation or yoga is called the “Buddhist Qigong” in theQigong world and considered as the maximum strain energy method of “Qigong”. These sportsprojects shall be renewed to carry out Wushu performances and many participatory Wushu activitiesand create new operational and innovative competition running methods loved by the masses. TheQigong health care is combined with the creation of set patterns easy to learn, from which thetourists can experience perception and virtue to improve the perception in cultivating virtues anddeeply understand the opportunities for practice. 196
  6. 6. 6. SummaryHubei Dabie Mountains implement the unique folk customs “leisure sports and rural tourism”which is very attractive to tourists. However, there are still some problems in Hubei DabieMountains, such as poor infrastructure, remote location, block transportation and information,backward concept, weak economic foundation and shortage of talent. The traditional projectmanagement mode is not only slow, but also difficult to produce great-leap-forward development.Only to break the thinking set and break the old paths with advanced concepts can promote the newrural economic construction in Hubei Dabie Mountains and be conductive to the rapid and healthydevelopment of the tourism industry in the economic and social development experimental sites inDabie Mountains – the old revolutionary base areas.References[1] Wan Qing. Research on Developing Red Tour Resources of Dabieshan Mountains [J] .Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin, 2006 (6)[2] Chen Yu. Experience Economy and the New Development of Sports Tourism [J]. Journal of Liaoning Normal University, 2004 27 (4)[3] Wu Xiaoming. Analysis of Future Sports and Leisure Development Trends in China [J]. Sports Culture Guide. 2004 (4) 197