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Blackberry PGP Encryption

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PGP encryption blackberry is effective and easy method based on the public and private key security, which is specifically designed to protect your important information on blackberry.

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Blackberry PGP Encryption

  1. 1. Blackberry Secure Blackberry Secure focused on one thing that’s securing your Blackberry. We secure your phones and assuring your privacy, so only you and your recipient can read and send highly sensitive & confidential information. Blackberry can be secured with two methods:PGP/PTP Security PIN to PIN Security PIN to PIN Services – PIN to PIN is Blackberry to Blackberry messaging. Every Blackberry is assigned a PIN and you’ll use that to send to the other Blackberry. Blackberry is the most PGP – secure mobile platform in the world that keeps your privacy PGP was created by Philip. R. over network. Zimmerman in 1991. Its main focus is on security and privacy. PGP is a way of encrypting messaging and making them secure across networks, so no one sees it except your recipient. PGP is used to encrypt files like email, blackberry messages and other data stored on the phone from being unreadable by outsiders, third parties or hackers. Blackberry PGP encryption method makes your blackberry 100% secure when sending/receiving information. www.blackberrysecure.com
  2. 2. Devices & Price – All Unites Are Brand New Model With Pin to Pin Service With PGP Service $450 $400 $450 $400 $250 $210 $235 $199 9900 9790 9360 9320 www.blackberrysecure.com
  3. 3. Blackberry PGP can be more secured than IOS/Android because of following ways:1. Email sent to your BlackBerry via BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) is encrypted using an endto-end protocol that is completely independent of the public certificate authority system. 2. “Classic” BlackBerry applications are written in Java against the J2ME APIs, which greatly reduces the attack surface against the operating system compared to IOS and Android. 3. BES provides a much greater granularity to their security controls than is available on IOS and android. 4. RIM tightly integrates their hardware and software encryption mechanisms to provide a level of data protection on a lost device that is currently unavailable on IOS and android. Blackberry Secure is a Canadian group that located in Windsor, Ontario. www.blackberrysecure.com