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Death In The Andes

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Death In The Andes

  1. 1. Jose M Cantera History 141 Arguello 5/19/2009 PALOMA DE PAPEL & DEATH IN THE ANDES
  2. 2. PALOMA DE PAPEL  The story begins in a Peruvian village were people are in front of a church commemorating the people that have died in the village throughout its history.  The movie then switches to a boy named Juan in prison for being a terrorist. Later he is seen as an adult leaving prison.  The movie then switches back to Juan's life as a boy.  When he is a child he is seen playing happily with friends.  During one of their adventure they discover a dead body hanging from the mayors office.  Juan later finds out that his step father was responsible for his death.  He soon realizes that his step father, Fermin, is a “terrorist”.  Fermin is part of a liberating Communist force.  They execute their tactics in order to gain power over the government.  Juan does not like Fermin because he beats him.
  3. 3. PALOMA DE PAPEL  Fermin soon learns that Juan has discovered his secret and adds accordingly so not to be discovered by the government.  Fermin orders that Juan be recruited be the local Communist liberating militia, known as terrucos.  Once Juan is kidnapped he is slowly introduced into the group and how they operate.  When he is first introduced he is threatened by putting his mothers life on the line.  He soon begins to gain trust in the group although as a child he was told that they were evil people.  Wilmer, the leader of that certain militia group, tells Juan of the Communist dream.  Juan likes the idea in which everything does not have a price, where everyone helps each other, and work for the community as a whole.  Once he understands their cause the training begins.
  4. 4. PALOMA DE PAPEL  Juan is instructed on how to create grenades using a tin can, saw dust, and explosive.  He is also instructed on how to use combat weapons, he is seen cheerful as he is celebrated by the group.  One day one of the members has his leg blown up by a land mine while trying to explode a light post.  He asks to be shot to relieve pain instead of crying.  While trying to cross a landscape, they encounter a small military base.  Juan and a partner named Carmen go distract them while sneaking in an explosive.  The base is blown up and only one survivor remained.  Juan is instructed to kill him but cant and instead Yeni, another member assist in killing him.  Once military support arrives, they are forced to flee. Juan runs away during this time.  This is considered treason by the group and begin to hunt him down.  Once they find him there is a shootout in the town square between the “terrucos” and the “ronderos”  Juan’s mom and other people are shot during the conflict.  The story the turns to Juan leaving prison and returning to his home village.
  5. 5. DEATH IN THE ANDES  Death in the Andes is a novel by Mario Vargas Llosa.  The story revolves around the dark side of Peru, a love story, and mystery.  Llosa is a native of Peru, and his homeland is portrayed through his literature and this book.  Peru is crumbling as militia forces arouse out of desperation during industrialization.  Llosa even ran for president in 1990.  In the story there are two people named Tomas and Mercedes.  Tomas was executing a job for his criminally oriented godfather when he laid eyes upon Mercedes.  Tomas sees Mercedes and it is love at first sight.  Part of his job requires that he kill people. He does it not only for his job but also Mercedes.
  6. 6. DEATH IN THE ANDES  Their relationship evolves as they run across the country of Peru.  Tomas is completely in love with Mercedes. She finds him worthy but refuses to tell him she loves him too.  Thomas is not discouraged and continues to display affection towards her.  The main character is Lituma who has many thing to worry about. He is always concerned about.  He has to deal with the disappearance of people in the village of Piura and also worry about the “terrorist”.  The town is called Naccos and is comprised mainly of male laborers in a mine.  There is always a lack of woman and money making it a hard place to live in.  The people live under harsh conditions near the Andes Mountains.
  7. 7. DEATH IN THE ANDES  The male population is left with nothing to look forward to. Their only resort is to get drunk in the cantina.  There is also little done to counterattack the “terrorist.”  The governmnet only sends two guards and the village would have to defend itself incase they felt they needed to do so.  Three men disappear without a trace and it is up to Lituma and Tomas to solve the mystery.  First he suspects “terrorist” , then he suspects evil local townspeople, and he also suspects ritualistic sacrifice.  Lituma is determined to find the cause of the disappearances and states “ I won’t sleep easy until I find out”.