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Digital Reporting_Please Like Me_Zaheer Nooruddin _2011

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China and Asia - a new way to think about measurement of PR and digital social media campaigns and programs

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Digital Reporting_Please Like Me_Zaheer Nooruddin _2011

  1. 1. Please Me!Measuring Social Media in Public RelationsSingapore & Hong Kong – March 2 & 4, 2010
  2. 2. The World‟s Most Valuable Facebook Page? 28,842,974 „Likes‟ x 3 posts per day x 30 days = 2,595,867,660 impressions per month (2,595,867,660 impressions / 1000) x $5 CPM = $ 12,979,338.30 per month or = $ 155,752,059.69 per annum in earned media ALV (Average „Like‟ Value) = $5.40 http://vitrue.com/blog/2010/04/14/360-facebook-fan-valuation-is-just-the-tip-of-the-iceberg/
  3. 3. $156 million - $110 million = $46 million
  4. 4. A (Much) Simpler Value Equation  = $0
  5. 5. Agenda1. Evolving Measurement2. Three Measurement Myths3. Output, Impact, Outcome - A Model for Measurement4. In Practice
  6. 6. Measurement is Evolving“We talk about the quality of productand service. What about the quality ofour relationships, and the quality ofour communications and the quality ofour promises to each other?” Max De Pree
  7. 7. Do the Evolution Where the future is Where others are Where measurement began Counting Analysing Establishing Causation• Clip counting • Media tracking and analysis • Performance Measurement• Circulation/impressions/reach • Message content analysis • Objectives• Ad. Value Equivalencies (AVE) • Audience attitudes, and • Communication„s audit• Share of voice/ink (SOV/SOI) Reputation measures • PR Dashboards
  8. 8. Where We Began - Counting Clips Circulation Impressions Advertising Equivalency Value PR Value
  9. 9. The Modern Imperative - Analysing Media Tracking Message Content Audience Attitudes Reputation Drivers
  10. 10. The Future – Establishing Causation  Performance Measurement  Objectives  Communications Audit  PR Dashboards
  11. 11. the (perceived) challenge
  12. 12. 35 of marketers in the U.S. say that the main obstacle to % implementing a social media strategy is there is not enough data or analytics to develop ROI. eMarketer.com, April 201017 of marketers in the U.S. say that the main obstacle to implementing an % effective online measurement strategy is that there is too much data. eMarketer.com, June2010
  13. 13. the (real) challengeEXECUTE PLAN RESEARCH
  14. 14. 94% of online conversation around Asian corporate brands is neutral in tone 28% China 53% Positive 20% Negative 34% Mixed India 54% 12% 40% Japan 49% 11% 54% Korea 39% 7%Source: Burson-Marsteller Asia-PacificBased on a review of 492,838 mentions of prominent Asian brands in online forums
  15. 15. 63% gap messages disseminated messages reflected in by Asian multinationals blog commentarySource: Burson-Marsteller Global Message Gap Study 2010
  16. 16. ...but consistent lack of sustainable social strategies Active 20% Inactive 18% 12% 11% 9% 8% 8% Microblogs Social Networks 4% Corporate Blogs Video 55 of Asian corporate social % media accounts are inactiveSource: Burson-Marsteller Asia-Pacific Social Media Study 2010
  17. 17. The measurement imperative Set measurable objectives from the outset Measure only what is meaningful Link social media activity to tangible outcomes
  18. 18. 3 Measurement Myths“As a general rule the most successfulman in life is the man who has the bestinformation” Benjamin Disraeli
  19. 19. Digital ROI is Different( )Benefit - Cost Cost X 100 = Return on Investment
  20. 20. Activity = Value 21
  21. 21. It’s About Presence 22
  22. 22. The measure challenge Marketing Everything elseEXECUTE PLAN RESEARCH
  23. 23. Output, Impact, Outcomes“Communication is not what yousend out, but what arrives.” Jim Macnamara “You know, we’re just not reaching that guy”
  24. 24. A Simple Measurement Framework …but it all starts from the Outset
  25. 25. A Measurement MantraOur role as PR Professionals is to tell theorganization‟s story……to all the people who need to hear it……so that they will do and think……what we want them to do and think: know who we are; understand what we do; think highly of us; agree with us;and ultimately be motivated to: buy our products and services; work with us or for us; recommend us to others; invest in our stock; or otherwise contribute to our business.
  26. 26. The first step inmeasuring results is todefine the result… …who are the people who need to hear our story? What do we want them to do or think?
  27. 27. Who do I need to reach?What are they saying about me? Where are they saying it? 28 BURSON-MARSTELLER ASIA-PACIFIC EVIDENCE-BASED COMMUNICATIONS
  28. 28. What do I want the audience to do or think?Why is this important?What does success look like? 29 BURSON-MARSTELLER ASIA-PACIFIC EVIDENCE-BASED COMMUNICATIONS
  29. 29. Define BenchmarksTake a snapshot of metricsbefore beginning
  30. 30. Soft and Hard OutcomesAwareness RevenueEngagement EmploymentAdvocacy InvestmentReputation Partnership
  31. 31. Objectives to OutcomesWooly Objectives Probing questions Measurable OutcomesImprove online awareness Where is your audience congregating online? Improve ratio of positive to negative What is the tone and content of current content in top five industry blogs over online content in those forums? next quarter What opportunities exist to engage? Respond to 50% of relevant commentsPosition company as an employer of What do people look for in an employer? Increase number of applications for jobs How is the company perceived as an posted on the careers sitechoice employer? Decrease employee churn to below 50% How is employee satisfaction measured? within 18 monthsImprove investor sentiment What factors affect investor sentiment? Persuade equity analysts from top five How realistic are the company‟s plans? investment houses to rate the stock as What is the online sentiment regarding the “buy” companys performance?Increase sales What are the current conversion ratios? Increase participation in current coupon How is the company reaching consumers? redemption campaign How does the online meet the offline? Increase preference for new line of How is the company tracking conversions? products among savvy early adopters
  32. 32. Outcomes Should Specify Be realistic!
  33. 33. Measuring Output – What’s the Buzz?
  34. 34. Measuring Output – Tracking Engagement Allows Likerposts Responds to Liker posts 89%74% 72% 57% 60% 59% 51% 28% Global Asia-Pacific Europe U.S.
  35. 35. Two BIG Questions What do we want to talk about? = Content strategy Where do we want to talk about it? = Channel strategy
  36. 36. One BIGuniverse of choice
  37. 37. Impact
  38. 38. Measuring Impact – Passive Engagement
  39. 39. Measuring Impact – Active Engagement Coupons, Newsletters, Webinars, White Papers, Video, Speeches…
  40. 40. Outcome
  41. 41. Measuring Outcome - Revenue
  42. 42. Measuring Outcome –Demonstrating Value
  43. 43. How much is enough? Increase in Increase in % change in Ratio of posts to No of positive 3rd Engagement community content views or content / channel comments / replies party comments memberships downloads subs % change in Correlation of % change in Customer % Change in % change in customer sentiment to overall positive Satisfaction customer retention customer loyalty satisfaction satisfaction sentiment % Change in % change in % change in Social Content % change in % change in blog Facebook Likes / YouTube Likes / content tagged or Mobility Twitter retweets trackbacks shares embeds ranked Thought % Change in SOV per % change in Cisco Increase in topical Increase in perception Leadership thought leader topic thought leaders quoted content coverage of C. as thought leader Message % of conversations carrying one % change in key messages in % change in awareness and Resonance or more key messages social media conversations credibility of key messages % change in aided / unaided % change preference in specific % change in positive sentiment Market Awareness awareness vs. competition markets vs. competition vs. competition % change in no. of times C. is % Change in no. of times C. % change in perceived position Market position positioned favourably in mentioned positively in key blogs relative to competition conversation vs. competition and communities vs. competition % change in correlation % change in cost per % change in desirable Leads / Sales / % change in cost per between social media contact or cost per mentions of key sales Market Share qualified lead conversations and customer acquisition drivers qualified leads Decline in cost per message Efficiency of Decline in cost Decline in cost communicated (budget divided by Communications per click through per engagement message appearnces)http://blogs.cisco.com/socialmedia/measuring-social-media-and-its-impact-on-your-brand/
  45. 45. Nothing haschanged……and everythinghas changed
  46. 46. Nothing haschanged…
  47. 47. “[In Social Media], success isntabout being on Twitter ormastering any other particularsocial tool. Instead, successaccrues to businesses that arepresent, agile, responsive, andprepared.“ Jay Baer and Amber Naslund authors of "The Now Revolution,"
  48. 48. Please MeMeasuring Social Media in Public Relations http://slidesha.re/hTbqGe VSteve Bowen Zaheer NooruddinManaging Director, Marketing & Director, Lead Digital StrategistTraining Asia-Pacific Greater Chinasteve.bowen@bm.com zaheer.nooruddin@bm.comwww.burson-marsteller.asia www.bmdigitalchina.comwww.facebook.com/bursonmarsteller.asia@BMAsiaPacific @BMDigitalChina