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Staffing event finance

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Staffing event finance

  1. 1. WELKOM LinkedIn Event 27 September 2013 1
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. LinkedIn Staffing event Finance Most Popular Most Endorsed Earliest Adopter Most Connected Wouter Beuzel Michiel Sintnicolaas Max DeKlerk Coen vanderKruijs
  4. 4. TALENT SOLUTIONS©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 5 AGENDA Tijd Onderwerp Wie 10:00 – 10:15 Welkom/Nederlandse recruiting trends Bobby Munster 10:15 – 11:30 LinkedIn Solutions: • Social Media • “Hoe beïnvloed je members op LinkedIn” • Kansen voor een MKB organisatie met LinkedIn • Trends • Hoe meet je successen Michelle & Alex 11:30 – 12:00 Presentatie product mix Harald Stadermann 12:00 – 13:00 Lunch & Afsluiting
  5. 5. TALENT SOLUTIONS Top 4 trends in het aantrekken van talent waarvan u op de hoogte moet zijn Nederland ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. Alle rechten voorbehouden. Internationale wervingstrends 2013
  6. 6. TALENT SOLUTIONS 1 De 4 belangrijkste trends in recruitment 2 3 4 Sociale professionele netwerken Het werven via mobiel Het in contact komen met passieve professionals Company/Employer branding
  7. 7. TALENT SOLUTIONS Sociale professionele netwerken: de snelst groeiende bron van talentwerving in Top 5 van belangrijkste bronnen voor talentwerving
  8. 8. TALENT SOLUTIONS Sociale netwerken
  9. 9. TALENT SOLUTIONS Mobiele werving Een nieuwe vorm van werving die belangrijker wordt
  10. 10. TALENT SOLUTIONS Het in contact komen met passieve professionals
  12. 12. TALENT SOLUTIONS©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 13 Studenten markt: • 84% of Benelux student members are using LinkedIn • 71% Benelux students are willing to relocate for a job • 46% Recentelijk actief geweest • 43% Heeft een company status update gezien • 57% Leest InMails • 22% Bezoekt company pages • 170,884 Industry accounting & financial-services • 10,554 Titel Controller • 2,810 Titel CFO • 3,084 Titel Finance director • 7,926 Titel Finance manager • 6,614 Titel Finance 11.508 Companies Represented Top Companies: ABN AMRO Achmea Van Lanschot Bankiers Brunel Graydon Witlox Van den Boomen
  13. 13. TALENT SOLUTIONS An Introduction to LinkedIn Media Alex Charraudeau – Media Solutions Consultant Michelle Lederman – Account Manager Amsterdam September 2013 Last update: January 8, 2013
  14. 14. TALENT SOLUTIONS Agenda 1. Evolution of Recruitment Marketing 2. Introduction to Social Media 3. How People Use LinkedIn 4. Where do you fit in? 5. How to measure success 16
  15. 15. TALENT SOLUTIONS 17 17
  16. 16. “The best recruiters act like marketers…” 18
  20. 20. TALENT SOLUTIONS 22 … 22
  21. 21. How do people use LinkedIn? 23
  22. 22. TALENT SOLUTIONS 24 …
  23. 23. TALENT SOLUTIONS 25 …
  24. 24. TALENT SOLUTIONS 26 …
  25. 25. TALENT SOLUTIONS 27 …
  26. 26. TALENT SOLUTIONS 29 …
  30. 30. How does it compare to other places? 33
  33. 33. Where are you today? 36
  34. 34. TALENT SOLUTIONS Staffing companies are shifting to more efficient strategies CRM/ ATS reliance, Reactive Sourcing excellence, team-wide pipelining Internal and external talent engagement Post-and-pray Targeted engagement Engage everywhere, including mobile Employees as niche brand ambassadors Success metrics World class marketing of brand Talent data guides business strategy Developing Foundational Strategic Early emphasis on passive talent/ Biz Dev Job board and social recruiting Defined Unique Selling Proposition Traditional Segment-specific campaigns 37
  35. 35. Staffing companies are becoming more strategic Reactive: Labor-intensive Applicant quantity focus Req to req process Developing Foundational Strategic Traditional Strategic: Efficient Quality of placement focus Proactive pipeline-based process 38
  36. 36. How can you plan for success? 39
  37. 37. TALENT SOLUTIONS Review – Five Steps To Social Recruiting Success 1. Management have to change their business 2. Establish the business objectives 3. Research your audience and think of a strategy 4. Create tactics for each channel 5. Analyse, measure, iterate, analyse, measure, iterate 40
  38. 38. What branding looks like and how we measure it 41
  39. 39. TALENT SOLUTIONS 42 Put the right message in front of theright audienceon your careers page Establish your market expertise and deliver unique messages for clients, candidates, and internal hiring • Geography • Function • Industry • Seniority
  40. 40. TALENT SOLUTIONS 43 Targeted Content Enhances Job Postings
  41. 41. TALENT SOLUTIONS Drive targeted passive candidates to your careers page through ad campaigns 44
  42. 42. TALENT SOLUTIONS The ad campaign will drive relevant traffic to the careers page 45 Career Page Traffic in September is through 20th September (The campaign has 8 more days left to deliver) 0 500 1.000 1.500 2.000 2.500 3.000 jan-13 feb-13 mrt-13 apr-13 mei-13 jun-13 jul-13 aug-13 sep-13 Organic Traffic Campaign Traffic Job Clicks Launch of Traffic Driving Campaign 600,026 Ad impressions delivered 3,149 Clicks ~30% of traffic to Careers Page is clicking on a job
  43. 43. TALENT SOLUTIONS Follower growth increases 60% increase in traffic from LinkedIn on corporate website Increase in new visitors to corporate website
  44. 44. TALENT SOLUTIONS Engaged members who are already interacting with your employees 47
  45. 45. TALENT SOLUTIONS 48 810 482 463 467 2421 1594 6201 6050 5799 5354 5530 5308 March April May June July August Traffic to Employee Profiles Traffic to Career Page Utilize your employees as brand ambassadors by owning the ad space on their profile page The #1 activity on LinkedIn is viewing other members profiles On average, recruiters have 10x more activity on their profiles
  46. 46. Why building your brand on LinkedIn is important 49
  47. 47. TALENT SOLUTIONS Increase your followers on LinkedIn 71% 68% 61% New Jobs News and Insight New Projects and Initiatives 6,747 followers6,998 followers7,204 followers7,698 followers8,012 followers8,557 followers9,389 followers10,000 followers!!! Follow
  48. 48. TALENT SOLUTIONS Engagement improves the effectiveness of your proactive outreach 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Not Engaged with Brand Engaged with Brand InMail Response Rates 24% 52% 12% increase in response after ad campaign launched
  49. 49. TALENT SOLUTIONS Establish your brand as best in class
  50. 50. Product mix ©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 53
  51. 51. TALENT SOLUTIONS LinkedIn allows agencies to generate value for their clients in multiple ways Proactive Sourcing Automatic Sourcing 54 Recruiter & Talent Pipeline238M+ Professionals on LinkedIn LinkedIn Career Page LinkedIn Jobs Recruitment Media Ideal Placements for Your Clients
  52. 52. TALENT SOLUTIONS 836 followers 836 followers Veteran MobileTop Performer Find and Engage the world’s best passive talent Expand your reach to Access the full network Added to project Met her. Ready to move in 6 months. Follow up in Oct. Talent Verzekeringen Talent Verzekeringen Megan Jain at Acme Systems San Francisco Bay Area I Internet I via Networking Talent Verzekeringen 55 Engage candidates directly with InMail Manage your pipeline of talent
  53. 53. TALENT SOLUTIONS LinkedIn Recruiter: Supercharge your employee productivity while reaching the world’s best talent Efficient and Collaborative  Contact any LinkedIn member directly  50 InMail per month per license  Send bulk InMails to reduce time  Own the data  Automate workflow with search alerts  Stay organized with group folders  Collaborate via shared projects & notes  Management reports Proactive Sourcing 56 Unrestricted Search  Access to the full network of 200M+  Directly contact people of interest  Full profile views
  54. 54. TALENT SOLUTIONS Engaging world-class talent at scale does not stop at proactive outreach… Automatic Sourcing 57 238M+ Professionals on LinkedIn LinkedIn Career Page LinkedIn Jobs Recruitment Media Ideal Placements for Your Clients
  55. 55. TALENT SOLUTIONS Financial Analyst Bank of America Sr. HR Director Gap Inc.Amazon Sr. Bridgewell HR Director Bridgewell Finance Manager Controller Bryan Finance Analyst Erica Steve Director of HR Controller Bridgewell Controller JOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED INJOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN JOBS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN LinkedIn allows you to target every candidate with relevant jobs automatically More applications come from LinkedIn recommended jobs than searches 5858 Automatic Sourcing
  56. 56. TALENT SOLUTIONS Members see personalized jobs every time they log in Erica Robertson Your ideal candidate Controller Bridgewell Controller Controller Juniper Networks LiveOps Controller Senior 5959 Automatic Sourcing
  57. 57. TALENT SOLUTIONS What do candidates see when they visit your employees’ profiles? Viewing profiles is the #1 activity on LinkedIn 6060 Automatic Sourcing Erica Robertson Your ideal candidate Controller
  58. 58. TALENT SOLUTIONS Engage them with personalized messaging Erica Robertson Finance Picture yourself with a career in Finance at at Bridgewell Bridgewell 6161 Automatic Sourcing Erica Robertson Your ideal candidate Controller
  59. 59. TALENT SOLUTIONS Note: company page viewers reflect unique members visiting your company page 62 Your company page experience is limited today 62 Automatic Sourcing Erica Robertson Your ideal candidate Controller
  60. 60. TALENT SOLUTIONS Join the team that is transforming the future. We are passionate about what we do. Companies Home | Bridgewell Jobs at Ariel Hsiao Amazon ABOUT Watch the video for a peek into the fast- paced world at our headquarters. Every day, our employees are working on exciting projects that make a real difference for our customers. Plus, we’re really excited to show off our newly remodeled office space! Check out the links below for more about us: Our Career Site ► Bridgewell 5757 followers Bridgewell Bridgewell Controller Todd Logan VP of Finance Emily Meinhardt Account Executive Hillary Carroll Manager of Operations Controller Controller Controller Director of Finance Director of Finance Senior Controller Senior Controller Careers Establish yourself as a trusted advisor to candidates with rich branding 6363 Automatic Sourcing Erica Robertson Your ideal candidate Controller
  61. 61. TALENT SOLUTIONS Increased engagement with talent doubles the effectiveness of your proactive outreach 64 Researching your company Viewing relevant jobs & media Following your company Likelihood to accept an InMail NO PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENT ~20% >30% >40% Researching or Viewing or Following 1 PREVIOUS TOUCHPOINT + + Erica Robertson Your ideal candidate Mechanical Engineer
  62. 62. Bedankt voor jullie aanwezigheid en interesse! ©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 65