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Driverless Trucks

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Driverless Trucks and Real Time Circumstances

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Driverless Trucks

  1. 1. The Driverless Truck? It’s a TRAIN! Alexander McCabe Logistics and Operations Consultant
  2. 2. • Driverless trucks for road transport, in theory, are GREAT! • No more Truck Drivers for companies to worry about • Immediate savings from costs of pay and conditions • Truck Driver shortages would be a past concern • Legal exposure would be immediately minimized So what’s the problem? It’s Trucking magic!
  3. 3. Driverless trucks risk: Safety Security The Environment Don’t believe the hype!
  4. 4. We have them already – we call them TRAINS! It’s Trucking Crazy!
  5. 5. • Airplanes can fly themselves yet still, for safety, require TWO pilots • Trucking has more traffic to contend with and so just as many - if not more - lives to consider and protect • Also, Truck Drivers do more than just drive • How will a driverless truck monitor the safety of the load or the overall vehicle? • Truck Drivers can deal with real issues in real time safely, like blow outs! • Who would fuel the truck on a long journey? • What about high value loads – driverless trucks reduce the security! Let’s Just Think…
  6. 6. NOTHING! …is safer than a real-life person driving to real-life conditions and real-time circumstances… Safety First – ALWAYS!
  7. 7. • Imagine, for just a second, if there was ANY malfunction in the software • Who would be liable for any resultant legal consequences? • The computer programmer? • The company that sold the software? • The company who bought and used the software? This risks real LIVES Let’s Just Think…
  8. 8. Why use driverless trucks for ONE load when the train can take HUNDREDS and use real people to drive them and so ensure maximum safety and security for everyone? The Future? Hardly…
  9. 9. What about the environment? Driverless trucks are certainly NOT environmentally friendly! Hazy Daze
  10. 10. • Undoubtedly, driverless trucks have a place and a purpose • On private land where the journeys are short and the risks to the general public are minimal – like the oil sands NOT on the public highways and byways The risks are just too great for too little return…. Use them wisely…and SAFELY!
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