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Managing Global Teams

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How to successfully Manage Global Teams

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Managing Global Teams

  1. 1. A global business citizen that knows how to work and get results across the global marketplace. Managing Global Teams by Courtney McFarlane
  2. 2. • 10+ years in learning programs, change initiatives, cross cultural management. • Seven international markets; including Australia,UK; expertise in East Asia/ APAC. • Corporate, government, academic, international and multinationals. • Working with all levels from front line to C-suite. Courtney McFarlane intro
  3. 3. • You know how to deal with business problems - but these are problems that are outside the scope of business. • Spending too much time/resources and not getting desired results - but can’t find the mismatch. • Want to fix the problems without offending anyone/everyone. Pain Points
  4. 4. • More cohesive work teams. • Performance reviews actually start “getting through”. • Build credibility across markets. • New market intelligence / competitive intelligence • Global visibility The effort is worth it!
  5. 5. • Learn how to differentiate: Individual differences versus Cultural differences • Don’t ignore the details • Work with an expert How to win:
  6. 6. We look forward to helping you grow your business. Courtney McFarlane, Cross Cultural and Leadership Management Consultant > 905-709-4031> courtneymcfarlane@boardroommetrics.com Karen McElroy, CEO > 416.994.6552 > kmcelroy@boardroommetrics.com Jim Crocker, Chairman > 416.573.9396 > jcrocker@boardroommetrics.com Head Office: 18 Almond Avenue Thornhill, ON L3T 1L1 1.905.709.4031 Website: www.boardroommetrics.com View our Consultant Team Page: http://www.boardroommetrics.com/accomplished-executives Twitter (over 53,000 Followers) @BoardroomMtrcs Contact