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Luxury eye masks

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www.bonanotti.com company make the best comfortable and beautiful eye mask for ever. Silk and cotton both types of eye mask are available here. All items must be in new design continue to be the hallmarks of the Bona Notti Company.

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Luxury eye masks

  1. 1. SILK SLEEP EYE MASK http://www.bonanotti.com
  2. 2. Cotton Eye Mask Sleep  Specializing in luxury sleep masks for over 20 years, Bona Notti Company continues to fashion each and every eye mask like a lovely, handmade garment for your eyes. In our humble opinion, we believe these are not only the best made sleep masks, but are truly the most beautiful and comfortable eye shade available.
  3. 3. Silk Eye Mask for Sleeping Each beautiful silk sleep mask in made from the finest fabrics and make for a comfortable fit. They can be washed and still maintain their beauty/comf ort.