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Hybrid technology applications for construction equipment        After a long time of research, this market hybrid excavat...
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Hybrid technology applications for construction equipment

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Hybrid technology applications for construction equipment

  1. 1. Hybrid technology applications for construction equipment After a long time of research, this market hybrid excavator PC200-8 is the firstconstruction equipment using hybrid technology. Komatsu Hybrid System to reduce CO2emissions and fuel consumption. While the standard equipment often use hydraulic motors to spin structure above theKomatsu Hybrid System developed special purpose electric motors. Through this newmotor accumulated energy is used again. It is fundamental to develop hybrid hydraulicexcavators. Compared with the excavator PC200-8 Hybrid technology has decreased anaverage of 25% of the rate of fuel consumption. Furthermore, in some conditions thecustomer, the biggest drop is 41% when the superstructure on the go with great frequency. In fact, the hybrid system on hydraulic excavators more efficient cars. As the carmoves on the road normally, the drivers often brake pedal to reduce the average speed of 5- 10 minutes / time. In contrast, the upper structure of the excavator in a cycle of about 10seconds to reduce the speed of rotation 2 times. Therefore accumulate more energy hybridsystem that is more efficient. Kinetic energy of the PC200-8 excavator as well as the standard car. Kinetic energyis proportional to the product of mass and velocity squared. Therefore, only a smalldifference which car is lighter and faster moving heavy excavator PC200-8 but moveslower. But due to the structure of the reduced rotational speed often so huge energy gain.Basic points that provide energy from the capacitor used to support the engine whenaccelerating power of a car is to replace the fire power of the engine. Product development based on the idea of combining traditional products with hybridsystems. Therefore, the shape of them seem to be the same. The reason for this is toproduce a series on the standard line was, however, the shape and size not quite astraditional products. Because the voltage used for higher hybrid system of traditional constructionequipment so designers have to be careful to design safety. The power switch is simply notnecessary to our safety equipment and they also need to consider the scenario beforedeciding the safest design possible. The designers have also developed display system anderror analysis system to assist the operator in the process of using the device. Click Through to the Following Page http://www.ashburtoncranehire.com.au/