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Emotional Design for Google Launchpad

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What makes people come back to your web or app? What makes them attached to your product? Emotional design is about designing a product that people love.
This was presented during Google Launchpad Week event. Google Launchpad Week is a weeklong bootcamp for early-startups, with Product, UI/UX, Technology, and Marketing/Pitch days with the best experts in your community.

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Emotional Design for Google Launchpad

  1. 1. Emotional Design Borrys Hasian UX Design Mentor Jakarta - Nov 2015
  2. 2. Expected Utility Experienced Utility Remembered Utility Should I come back? Users decision to come back
  3. 3. Attractive things work better.
  4. 4. Personality
  5. 5. Visceral
  6. 6. Behavioral
  7. 7. Reflective
  8. 8. Peak-end rule Peak End
  9. 9. Emotional Design
  10. 10. Expected Utility Experienced Utility Remembered Utility Should I come back? Users decision to come back
  11. 11. The levels of processing in the brainProduct Personality Visceral Behavioral Reflective Appearance, touch, and feel Function, performance, usability, and simplicity. Self-image, personal satisfaction, memories Motor
  12. 12. Cooper’s method to define Personality: Brand Experience Workshop
  13. 13. adaptable adventurous affable affectionate agreeable ambitious amiable amicable amusing brave bright broad-minded calm careful charming communicative compassionate conscientious considerate convivial courageous courteous creative decisive determined diligent diplomatic discreet dynamic easygoing emotional energetic enthusiastic exuberant fair-minded faithful fearless forceful frank friendly funny generous gentle good gregarious hard-working helpful honest humorous imaginative impartial independent intellectual intelligent intuitive inventive kind loving loyal modest neat nice optimistic passionate patient persistent pioneering philosophical placid plucky polite powerful practical pro-active quick-witted quiet rational reliable reserved resourceful romantic self-confident self-disciplined Examples of brand attributes (adjectives)
  14. 14. ありがとう! Stay in touch, visit www.borrys.com