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Marketing to the Social Web

Marketing to the Social Web doesn't require marketers to forget what they know about marketing. It does, however, require them to open their minds to new possibilities, social change, and rethinking past practices.

This was presented by Larry Weber and inspired from his best-selling book.

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Marketing to the Social Web

  1. Marketing to the Social Web: How Digital Customer Communities Build your business Presenter: Larry Weber Chairman, W2 Group, Inc Moderator: Mike Lewis @bostonmike VP of Marketing, Awareness, Inc.
  2. Got Questions? Use the chat function in WebEx Join the conversation on twitter Submit questions using the hash tag: #awarenessinc Tech issues? please contact WebEx customer service
  3. Today’s Agenda What is the Social Web? The Marketer’s New Job 7 Steps to Building Digital Customer Communities Q&A 3
  4. The Landscape What is the Social Web? 4
  5. The Social Web • An online place where people with a common interest can gather to share thoughts, comments and opinions • A new world of unpaid media created by individuals or enterprises on the web 5
  6. Users control the message Blog Conversation PodCast Video Collaboration 6
  7. Changing Role of Marketers It’s not about talking atcustomers and prospects 7
  8. Changing Role of Marketers It’s about creating and engaging withcommunities 8
  9. Leveraging Social Media in Marketing Brand Building Lead Generation Research and Development Product or Service Launch Customer Retention Partner and Channel Communications Thought Leadership Internal Communications Media Relations Crisis Management 9
  10. New Rules of Engagement Old Marketing New Marketing One-way communication Brand is dialogue Brand recall is holy grail Customers determine brand value Group customers by demographics Group customers by behavior Content controlled by marketers Enterprise + user-generated content Virality driven by flash Virality based on content Michelin Guide: expert reviews Amazon: user reviews Publishers control channels Publishers build relationships Top-down strategy Bottom-up strategy Information hierarchy Information on demand Emphasis on cost – CPM Invest for growth – Measurable ROI 10
  11. Seven Steps to Build Digital Communities 11
  12. Step 1: Observe the Conversations Blogs and Communities 12
  13. Step 2: Recruit Community Members Digital Media Marketing Digital Media Relations Create branded online community Engage in and influence conversations experiences and invite others to come to them • Value-added content • New insights • Engaging dialogues 13
  14. Step 3: Evaluate Online Conduit Strategies Blogs and Reputation Social Networks E-Communities News Sites Aggregators 14
  15. Step 4: Engage Communities in Conversation Take it to the Consumer: Address needs and inspire viral perpetuation Digital Media Marketing XML, Embed Code, Viral distribution 15
  16. Step 4: Engage Communities in Conversations Take it to the Influencers: Build content that facilitates a conversation Digital Media Relations discussion 16
  17. Step 5: Measure the Community’s Involvement Qualitative Measurement Quantitative Measurement Share of conversation Downloads/Installs Brand perception Membership Engagement Real market share Tone of digital dialogue Sales Relationships Site Ranking 17
  18. Step 6: Promote Your Community to the World 18
  19. Step 7: Improve the Community’s Benefits The Lesson of Friendster 2003 2006 19
  20. Companies Who Get It 20
  21. Coming Soon from Awareness Webinar: Who Should Attend: Marketing Agencies & Social Media: Advertising agencies who are interested in What marketers expect from their providing social media agencies to clients Featuring Emily Riley, Sr. Analyst, Forrester Research Clients of agencies April 29 – 11AM ET who need to know what to ask and Register at www.awarenessnetworks.com expect of their agencies 21
  22. Q&A 22