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Doing an evergreen installation

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Doing an evergreen installation

  1. 1. EG Grand Rapids 2010<br />Robert Soulliere<br />Cynthia Williamson<br />Doing an Evergreen Installation(Mohawk College, Ham. ON)<br />
  2. 2. Quick Mohawk Timeline<br />Pre-Evergreen: Mohawk part of ILS Consortium using Sirsi (Unicorn & Webcat)<br />2006: Discovered EG<br />2007: Discovered Equinox & Mohawk hired Robert<br />2008: Testing and Experimenting started & continued into 2009<br />In other words – we took lots of time!!<br />Had access to current ILS until March 2010, planned to go live with EG Spring/Summer 2009<br />Went Live July 6, 2009<br /> 2009: Contracted with Equinox to build booking module<br />Completed March 2010<br />March 2010: Mohawk wins 2010 Innovation Achievement Award from Community and Technical College Libraries, Canadian Library Association .<br />
  3. 3. Systems Advice<br />Give yourself time for testing and learning before going live.<br />SQL is your friend – learn it!<br />Don’t be shy about asking Q’s on the EG lists<br />Test server! Get one, they’re free!<br />Don’t get stressed during the tough times.<br />
  4. 4. Front End Operations & Training<br />Created a wiki to confer with & train circ staff<br />Encouraged staff to train themselves<br />Lots of good basic documentation out there (Sitka & Indianna)<br />Not so great documentation for systems & admin (the mailing lists are a necessity)<br />The constant refrain: “Do you want EG to work that way because Sirsi worked that way or because that is the way you want it to work? What would work best?”<br />2 biggest hurdles?<br />Lack of Reserves module <br />Lack of Booking module<br />Even more casual approach to cataloguing training.<br />They’re Cynthia’s staff, it was (still is) learn on your own, consult her when needed.<br />Lots (and lots) of tweaks after going live<br />Staff did not do as much testing pre-live as we would have liked<br />
  5. 5. In Hindsight<br />Cynthia should have spent a week or two on the circ desk for workflows/special issue identification<br />More specific staff training & testing exercises<br />give ‘em a list & deadlines<br />Staff skills and enthusiasm will surprise you - both in their abundance & their lack thereof <br />let them in if they’re willing and able <br />be prepared to do more training than you might think is necessary<br />UPEI method – entire team met every morning during the month before “go live”, they ironed out a lot before they went live.<br />
  6. 6. Would we do it Again?<br />H*ll yes!!<br />Why??<br />Control over our own destiny<br />EG community is great, very helpful & friendly<br />Equinox (and others vendors) are a good alternative <br />if you don’t have a systems librarian or the time to learn on your own <br />lots of flexibility, it isn’t an all or nothing proposition<br />
  7. 7. Questions??<br />This presentation is licensed under a <br />Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 <br />Canada License.<br />Thanks!<br />