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WVU: Lambda Pi Eta + UCA Meeting (Fall 2014)

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For Fall 2014, WVU Department of Commnication Studies is hosting an informational meeting on Monday, September 8 for undergraduate students interested in learning about our two student organizations: Lambda Pi Eta and the Undergraduate Communication Association.

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WVU: Lambda Pi Eta + UCA Meeting (Fall 2014)

  2. 2. What is it? Lambda Pi Eta (Communication Studies Honor Society) UCA (Undergraduate Communication Association) Student organizations that work closely with department leadership to get involved in the community and promote the Communication Studies major on campus.
  3. 3. What’s in it for me? Joining LPH and UCA is more than just an opportunity to add a mark onto your resume.  Network with peers, faculty and WVU Communication Studies Alumni  Prove your future employers that have experience and accomplishments in your field!  Plan, managing, and promote multiple events each semester as a team and play a valuable part within the Communication Studies department.  Prepare for future careers in promotions, networking, event planning, public relations, and marketing. Visit comm.wvu.edu/undergrad/lambda-pi-eta for requirements and to apply.
  4. 4. Interested? Contact LPH President Loryn Spady: lsspady@mix.wvu.edu …Or come to our first meeting Monday, Sept 8th, 5:00 PM, Armstrong 119