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Turning Passion to Profit - Online Marketing - Session 1

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Slidedeck of 1st Session of Online Marketing & Social media Track
by Birgit Pauli-Haack, Relevanza, Inc.

4th Annual Turning Passion to Profit hosted by Southwest Florida Business Today and Small Business Development Center at Florida Gulf Coast University.

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Turning Passion to Profit - Online Marketing - Session 1

  1. 1. “It starts with a blog”or “Get Your Website Ready for the Social Web!" Birgit Pauli-Haack, October 2012
  2. 2. Business Reasons to Blog1. Establish trust & thought leadership by providing relevant content2. Be a resource for your current customer3. Connect to new customers/Lead Generation4. Visibility & Find-ability on Search Engines5. Central Hub for Inbound Marketing using RSS6. Create share-able content for your cheerleaders/strategic partners/members of your business network on social networks
  3. 3. Blog & Traffic
  4. 4. A little math Current static website. 5 to 20 pages Once set-up, never changed. Blog-Site 3 post per week – 150 per year 450 pages in 3 years. 20 vs. 450 incl. With constant updates
  5. 5. Search Engine Ranking Update more often - 3 time a week vs once a year Interlinking on pages & posts (more links into the site from front page. URLs with higher keyword density More focused content = more relevant Easier to use linking back. Blog engines come with better built-in SEO
  6. 6. Example: First 4 Months of Blogging Over 4 ½ times More Organic Search Engine Traffic
  7. 7. Example: 4 Months of Blogging Over 3-times more Visits to Lead Generation page.
  8. 8. Inbound Marketing through Blog: One blog post per week (minimum, optimal 2 – 3/week) You can post from your desktop, phone, iPad or tablet. One place to go to post. Your website.  Blog software/3rd party Apps will Auto-posted to FB (RSS Graffiti, SproutSocial etc.)  Auto-posted to LinkedIn (TypePad,  Auto-posted to Twitter (Twitterfeed, RSS Graffiti, )  Auto-assembly of e-News (RSS to Email – Mailchimp,  Set-up once, ongoing posting to the social web and other channels.  “Feed the Beast”
  9. 9. Sharing economy
  10. 10. Go Viral via Sharing Post relevant content FOR your target audience. Find your champions! Write for your chearleaders!
  11. 11. Engage w/ your Followers/Friends Allow for comments on blog Allow Fans to post on your page Reply & Retweet on Twitter Post on FB Brand Pages AND Personal Profiles Post on Google+ Page & Personal Profiles Post photos mobile to Instragram or Flickr Reciprocate / Pay it Forward on the Social Nets.. Most importantly #BeRelevant
  12. 12. Measure everything! Define goals to set benchmarks Measure online interactions Open/ clicks e-mail Shared Links stats Web stats Referrers Bit.ly, clicks rates # of meaningful interaction Rinse, Repeat
  13. 13. Blogging Tools To start out, for practicing & Personal Blogs  WordPress.com  Blogger.com  Tumblr.com For Business ( WordPress self-hosted)  Page.ly  www.Wordpress.org/hosting  BlueHost or Dreamhost
  14. 14. Links: Better Blogging Links: George Orwell’s 5 Rules of effective writing PickTheBrain.com Ernest Hemingsways’ Top 5 Tips for Writing Well copyblogger.com 5Tips to Write Blog Posts About.com: Blogging Chris Brogan’s Best Advice About Blogging ChrisBrogan.com
  15. 15. Connect OnlineMy Personal Profile Company Profile  Email w/ ideas and questions  Blog on Tumblr  bph@relevanza.com  Blog on Relevanza  Follow me on Twitter  www.relevanza.com  @bph  Follow Us on Twitter  On Facebook:  @Relevanza www.facebook.com/birgitpauli-haack Facebook.com/Relevanz   On Google+ a www.google.com/+BirgitPauli-Haack Subscribe to “This Week in Social Media” eNews and Connect with us.