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Tech programs post pandemic tech to go and lending programs

  1. Tech Programs Post Pandemic - Tech To Go and Lending Programs Brian Pichman Evolve Project
  2. Agenda • Extending Physical Services • Leverage Online Learning Tools • Virtual Services
  3. Extending Physical Services • Checking Out Materials • Maker Bags to Go • Virtual Hangouts • Sending 3D Prints To Library
  4. Checking Out Materials • Circulate Items – there are suggested guidelines to follow: • Ozobot: clean-your-bots-and-keep-the-coding-going • Apple: • Mobile Hotspots? • E-rate funding available
  5. Maker Bags to Go
  6. Make And Take Kits: • Check out
  7. GEEEK Robotics Kits
  8. Griddly Games •
  9. Squishy Circuits
  10. Make Zooms Interactive
  11. Virtual Hang Outs • Try a Cameo:
  12. Virtual Hands On Learning
  13. Fully Engage An Audience (Extreme Level) Source:
  14. Books and Brew – Virtual Happy Hour Edition
  16. Virtual Board Games s-quarantine-board-games-videoconferencing.html
  17. 3D Printing - Remotely • Chris DeCristofaro, at Sachem Library: • People submit 3D prints to the library • Library staff follow up with a video call for failed 3D Prints to improve print and have patron re-submit • Check out:
  18. Leverage Online Learning • Canvas – Free on their site (or self host your own for free) • Moodle – Host your own Moodle Site for free (need server space)
  19. Evolve Project | Brian Pichman 20 An efficient way to distribute educational content with assessments Learning Management System System Software program that creates, manages, and delivers “eLearning” Learning Allows for the delivery of educational resources through course content – videos, text, assessments Management Provides a method to organize, report, and store information so its digestible to end users.
  20. Evolve Project | Brian Pichman 22 Core Components of a LMS Needs the ability to restrict access, provide individualized logins, and a way to manage enrolments. Access Controls Hosting of Content A LMS will be hosting all sorts of content; from PDF s, videos, Webpages, and PowerPoints. Content is often restricted based on user/course and must be accessible quickly and easily Reporting & Tracking A LMS should be able to track access of content, providing metrics of success in the course, and monitor participation. Communication Channels The LMS should allow a platform for end-users to communicate with each other and/or instructors. Assignments & Assessments In order to gage retention and understanding of information, there should be a delivery of assignments and assessments to measure success of the course AND its users.
  21. Course Ideas • Teach Programming • Have people code a game and share the link using Scratch • Teach Robotics • Video them building using a robotics kit • Diversity • Pull resources together from community • Book Clubs / Tech Clubs • Use discussion boards to talk about books / tech
  22. Virtual Services We’ve been using AR/VR for a while now
  23. Headsets
  24. Spatial
  26. More Ideas
  27. Slack Channel • Create a community conversation – share meal deals, social distancing approved events
  28. Green Screen Loaners • Great for video conferences or creating fun content
  29. Drive in Movie • Challenge people to make fun videos and play on outdoor projector
  30. Other Ideas • Patron or Staff Driven YouTube Channel • Science Experiments (Coke and Mentos) • Yoga, Gardening (Do A Time Lapse or Live Stream), Woodworking • Leverage Partners • Ask your vendors “what can you do to help me” • Edutech has a ton of resources on how to take their products remote • Online Gaming • Organize meet ups to play games online together
  31. Other Considerations • People are looking for interaction • Ask “what can we do to provide interaction” • Zoom Fatigue • What are your most popular programs and how can you evolve them to fit the “new normal”
  32. Edu Tech Activities • Which products do you have that you want to make into a virtual program? • What’s easy to wipe down, distribute, and set up? • What’s low cost and can be done as a make and take activity?
  33. Helpful Links for Tech You May Have • • • •
  34. Questions? • Brian Pichman • • • Twitter: @BPichman