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What's on the Technology Horizon for 2023

  2. DESCRIPTION ¡ Things in the last several years have caused a rapid spur of innovation – especially as it pertains to technologies related to health, hybrid learning, new uses for augmented and virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. What better way to prepare for the winter wonderland on the horizon than by learning about the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos. Join Brian Pichman of the Evolve Project for 90 minutes of laughs, interaction, and exploration as together we slide into learning about technology trends and their implications to our libraries and communities.
  3. PLACES TO STAY INFORMED CES Consumer Electronic Show Toy Fair
  4. Evolve Project | Brian Pichman 4 GARTNER HYPE CYCLE
  5. Tech moves through these five phases HYPE CYCLE A potential technology breakthrough kicks things off. Early proof-of-concept stories and media interest trigger significant publicity. Often no usable products exist and commercial viability is unproven. Innovation Trigger Peak of Inflated Expectations Early publicity produces a number of success stories — often accompanied by scores of failures. Some companies take action; many do not. Trough of Disillusionment Interest wanes as experiments and implementations fail to deliver. Producers of the technology shake out or fail. Investments continue only if the surviving providers improve their products to the satisfaction of early adopters. Slope of Enlightenment More instances of how the technology can benefit start to become more widely understood. Next generation products appear. More enterprises fund pilots; conservative companies remain cautious. Plateau of Productivity Mainstream adoption starts to take off. Criteria for assessing provider viability are more clearly defined. The technology's broad market applicability and relevance are clearly paying off. SOURCE:
  6. THEME 1: EVOLVING/EXPANDING IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES ¡ Decentralized identity (DCI) allows an entity (typically a human user) to control their own digital identity by leveraging technologies such as blockchain or other distributed ledger technologies (DLTs), along with digital wallets. ¡ Digital humans are interactive, AI-driven representations that have some of the characteristics, personality, knowledge and mindset of a human. ¡ Metaverse is a collective virtual 3D shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical and digital reality. A metaverse is persistent, providing enhanced immersive experiences. ¡ Non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique programmable blockchain-based digital item that publicly proves ownership of digital assets, such as digital art or music, or physical assets that are tokenized, such as houses, cars or documents. ¡ Superapp is a composite mobile app built as a platform to deliver modular microapps that users can activate for personalized app experiences. ¡ Web3 is a new stack of technologies for the development of decentralized web applications that enable users to control their own identity and data.
  7. THEME 2: ACCELERATED AI AUTOMATION ¡ Causal artificial intelligence (AI) identifies and utilizes cause-and-effect relationships to go beyond correlation-based predictive models and toward AI systems that can prescribe actions more effectively and act more autonomously. ¡ Foundation models are transformer architecture-based models, such as large language models, which embody a type of deep neural network architecture that computes a numerical representation of text in the context of surrounding words, emphasizing sequences of words. ¡ Generative design AI or AI-augmented design, is the use of AI, machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to automatically generate and develop user flows, screen designs, content, and presentation-layer code for digital products. ¡ Machine learning code generation tools include cloud-hosted ML models that plug into professional developer integrated development environments (IDEs), which are extensions that provide suggested code based on either natural language descriptions or partial code fragments.
  8. THEME 3: ENGINEERING TRUST ¡ A lot of the new technologies on the horizon have a core focus on providing trust through security and reliability. ¡ Example: Smart Cities fusing information together to provide real-time incident response through a variety of sensors, videos, and communication systems.
  9. Former CIA agent Reese (Jim Caviezel) -- now presumed dead -- and billionaire software genius Finch (Michael Emerson) join forces as a vigilante crime-fighting team. Using Finch's program, which employs pattern recognition to determine individuals who will soon be involved in violent crimes, they combine Reese's covert- operations training and Finch's money and cyberskills to stop crimes before they happen.
  10. THEME 4: ACCELERATING GROWTH ¡ Many of the technologies on the horizon can help accelerate growth in organizations. ¡ Example: Digital Assistants or digital twins representation that have an opportunity to solve technical issues, recommend books, and more. These can be chatbots, robots, smart speakers, etc.
  11. A boy tries to stop his father from dating by programming their computerized house to be a surrogate mother.
  12. THEME 5: SCULPTING CHANGE ¡ Everyone's favorite word “change” is a theme for 2023. ¡ The concept is “You must anticipate and influence change to mitigate risk.”
  13. Based on a story by famed science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, "Minority Report" is an action-detective thriller set in Washington D.C. in 2054, where police utilize a psychic technology to arrest and convict murderers before they commit their crime. Tom Cruise plays the head of this Precrime unit and is himself accused of the future murder of a man he hasn't even met.
  14. Top Strategic Tech Themes
  15. Data Fabric • Data is incredibly valuable • Data is used to make decisions • Data is used to make predictions • Data is unfortunately siloed between application • Data Fabric allows you to pull data from across a variety of sources therefore making it useable wherever its needed
  16. How It's Used Today: The Finnish city of Turku found its innovation held back by gaps in its data. By integrating fragmented data assets, it was able to reuse data, reduce time to market by two-thirds, and create a monetizable data fabric.
  17. Cybersecurity Mesh • Just as Data is important, Security is even more important • That Data is scattered across a variety of platforms so its important to keep those safe from tampering (removal, edits, etc). How It's Used Today: An organization in the technology space was struggling to create value from its threat intelligence program. Using a cybersecurity mesh approach, they integrated multiple data feeds from distinct security products to better identify and respond more quickly to incidents.
  18. Privacy-Enhancing Computation • Continuing on with our theme of “data” – data is also being used for AI Models, building analytics, and insight. But data also has privacy concerns attached to it. • As data is transmitted, shared, or used – the concept of encrypting or splitting out sensitive data is a trend so that data can still be used as informal without compromising confidentiality.
  19. How It's Used Today: DeliverFund is a U.S.-based nonprofit with a mission to tackle human trafficking. Its platforms use homomorphic encryption so partners can conduct data searches against its extremely sensitive data, with both the search and the results being encrypted. In this way, partners can submit sensitive queries without having to expose personal or regulated data at any point.
  20. Cloud-Native Platforms • As more things are being moved to the “cloud” (or off premise) but not all applications can simply be moved in such manner. How It's Used Today: A major Indian bank built a cloud-native platform to create a portfolio of new digital financial services. The bank was able to reduce the time to open an account to just 6 minutes and add instant digital payments. Deployment of a new microservices architecture enabled the integration of savings, virtual debit card and credit card services, allowing the system to easily scale to over 3.5 million transactions in two months.
  21. Sculpting Change Themes Composable Applications • How It's Used Today: Ally Bank has created PBCs representing repeatable capabilities such as fraud alerting, which its fusion teams can assemble in low-code environments, saving over 200,000 hours of manual effort. Hyperautomation • How It's Used Today: A global oil and gas company has 14 concurrent hyperautomation initiatives. These initiatives include targeted task automation, industrializing over 90 different areas including intelligent document processing, and automation of geoscience and offshore oil drilling operations. Decisions on what to automate are made strategically and are premised on targeted business outcomes for either quality, time to market, business agility or innovation for new business models.
  22. Sculpting Change Themes Decision Intelligence • How It's Used Today: Product- centric organizations can create a competitive edge in strategic product decisions by using decision intelligence to analyze competitor strategies and evaluate historic decisions. AI Engineering • How It's Used Today: Unity Health Hospital in Toronto recognizes that AI credibility is critical for acceptance by its physicians. Its fusion teams work to build trust by showing physicians the reliability of AI results — and the gaps.
  23. Distributed Enterprise Thanks a lot COVID! • Employees needed to rapidly shift to working remotely and needed different tools and increased flexibility. Consumers Want Easier Access • Consumers aren’t as available via the traditional physical methods and also want things delivered to them quickly, remotely, and at their leisure.
  24. Total Experience • How It's Used Today: Fidelity Spire uses a total experience approach in its financial services. Analytics and AI learn client behaviors to proactively respond to a client’s next action and to create realistic training simulations for staff. Unified identity services help clients move easily through self-service onboarding and provide integration to the advisor’s view, across multiple touchpoints.
  25. Generative AI • We commonly understand AI as something to produce an answer, conclusion, or recommendation. • Generative AI takes sample data and makes new, original, and realistic outputs. How It's Used Today: The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority has used generative AI to create synthetic payment data, from 5 million records of real payment data. The synthetic dataset will be used to create new fraud models without revealing individuals’ data.
  26. My Thoughts On Tech Trends - AI • Artificial Intelligence • Lots of AI to replace basic interactions
  28. Generative AI • Pictory.AI – create a video with just some words • Rytr.Me – write a story so you don’t have to!
  29. My Thoughts On Tech Trends – VR / AR • Lots of New VR Based Companies • Some for Exhibits (VirtuItaly) • Some for Senor Care (Rendever)
  30. AR / VR • We’ve been using AR/VR for a while now
  31. TactSuit X40 • Rich and elaborate haptic feedback created by 40 vibration motors of the vest and latency- free wireless control provides more immersive and realistic feeling to users in various types of content
  32. OrCam Read • First-of-its-kind handheld device, reads text aloud from any printed surface (newspapers, books, product labels) or digital screen (computers, smartphones) – in real time.
  33. Evolve Project | Brian Pichman 44 MoJo
  34. AR – Health Care
  35. AR in Maps / Stores
  36. AR in Wearables Wristworld is an augmented reality puzzle RPG using wristbands. Travel through four holographic lands, interact with characters to solve the mystery, show off your 3D character and carry a whole world...on your wrist! Saving Wristworld hinges on your ability to become an augmented reality master. The future is literally in your hands!
  37. Augmented Reality Book! Reptiles & Amphibians: An Augmented Reality Popup Book
  39. AR GLOBE • With 400+ highlights & 1000+ cool facts to explore, Orboot is the perfect S.T.E.A.M. toy for kids. A perfect toy for the ever-curious kids that sparks their imagination and curiosity. Makes for a unique and cool gift for kids! Explore & learn at the tap of a finger with the best interactive globe for kids. • 49.99
  40. Orboot
  41. AR In Your Browser • Search for “Giant Panda”
  42. Merge Cubes • Let’s you experience AR in the palm of your hand • Create “Minecraft” environments • Explore the Solar System • Paid apps like Anatomy let you hold organs in your hand
  43. Botzees
  44. Drones and VR
  45. All In One Hololens Magic Leap
  47. Immersive Workspaces
  48. Cutii - CareClever • Cutii is the world’s first care robot developed to overcome social isolation and cognitive decline for our seniors. Experience virtual visits, live activities and gain peace of mind with emergency management and tele-health capabilities. With a stunningly simple interface designed WITH and FOR seniors Cutii empowers human interaction.
  49. Tech Trends - Health • Contact Tracing • Senior Care
  50. The AirPop Active+ Halo
  51. BioButton Covid-19 Screening Solution
  57. Tech Trends – Distant Learning, Communications, and More
  58. Sustainability A lot of exhibitors talked about their sustainability goals and focus on the environment
  59. Whiz Gambit – 2-in-1 AI-powered cleaning & disinfection solution Whiz Gambit, is a 2-in-1 AI-powered cleaning and disinfection robotic solution jointly developed by Avalon SteriTech and SoftBank Robotics Group. The robot is the first disinfection robot to achieve Performance Mark by SGS, the world's leading verification and testing company, with proven efficacy to eliminate >99% microbial bioburden. Importantly, Whiz Gambit greatly minimizes potential health risks in communal areas with its effective, consistent cleaning and disinfection performance. It has been a trusted partner for hospitality groups, shopping malls, schools, and offices around the world.
  60. Tech Trends - Robotics
  61. Evolve Project | Brian Pichman 80 Roybi – AI Educator Roybi Robot uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized content to children based on their pace and interests. With over 500 lessons, including basic STEM, stories, games, and songs, Roybi Robot creates a fun and interactive learning experience for children.
  63. Petcube • Petcube's pet monitoring systems include Petcube Play 2, a pet cam with built-in laser, Petcube Bites 2, a pet camera that gives treats, and Petcube Cam — the smartest pet and security camera with a built-in Vet Chat
  65. Robotic Assistants • Have someone set your table • Do the dishes (winning) • Vacuum your home (Roomba!) • Someone to hang with you
  66. CRAZY New Tech Coming Out
  67. Smart Mirrors
  68. RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens You can create immersive 3D that can be experienced when viewed on compatible head mount displays including the Oculus Quest 2 and more.* Viewers will be able to take in the scene with a vivid, wide field of view by simply moving their head. This is the world's first digital interchangeable lens that can capture stereoscopic 3D 180° VR imagery to a single image sensor.
  69. Seenetic VR • The first solution to avoid Virtual Reality sickness. This stand-alone device is compatible with HTC's Vive & Vive Pro head-mounted displays. Just slip Seenetic VR into your VR headset and enjoy the best immersion experience
  70. WOWCube Entertainment System (Cubios Inc) • WOWCube® System - mixed reality device, digital 3D puzzle you play a way you've never played before acting in physical and virtual realities by tilting, twisting and shaking the Cube. Cubios Inc. based in Novato, CA focuses on hi-tech consumer robotic toys and entertainment game platforms design, development, marketing and distribution.
  71. Samsung C-Labs ZamStar Piloto
  72. For your furry babies Fluent Pet Wagz
  73. For your human babies iBabi Smart Craddlewise
  74. Robotry
  75. Top Trends
  76. Must Have Educational Technology for Your Library
  77. Luka The company's core product, Luka, empowers education with artificial intelligence technologies, such as computer vision and natural language interaction, and realizes multi- sensory and multi-modal interaction with functions as
  78. Toniebox • The Toniebox is a screen-free digital listening device that plays stories, songs and more
  79. pi-top • Robotics Kit, combines cloud- hosted AI and machine learning with IoT in an innovative and easy-to-use package • Can work in a shared coding environment (through Teams) and people from around the world can code a single robot
  80. Finch 2.0 • Make Coding Fun and Interactive with the new and improved Finch – now wireless with even more fun packed features
  81. ClicBot • ClicBot is not just a robot, it is a community that thrives on all creative spirits! • In the community, you can meet crazy robots from 82+ countries to get inspired, talk about your wild ideas, discuss creative programming approaches, even co-op play, and make friends worldwide without stepping outdoors. • Every kid's ideas deserve to prosper, ClicBot is the convoy of childhood development and the perfect platform to flourish all fancy ideas. Let ClicBot grow with your kid together!
  82. ChessUp • ChessUp is an incredible, connected chessboard with a built-in chess instructor. Touch a piece and the board lights up all possible moves according to strength.
  83. Temporary Tattoo Printer • Roll the printer along your body to bring an instant tattoo to life.
  84. Tiktok Ready Selfie Motors Magnetic Phone Mount Pivo accessories/magnetic/magnetic-phone-mount-with- face-tracking/p/p-mma001/
  85. Picoo
  86. Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) • Designed for 12-36 Month Olds • Teach ABCs, Colors, Words, Shapes etc. • . It can adapt to the child’s learning style over time, also managing screen time
  87. Artie Max • Learn to code line by line with Artie Max, where coding meets creativity
  88. Zumi
  89. Itty Bitty Buggy MSRP: $59.99 T h e I t t y B i t t y B u g g y k i t c o m e s w i t h a b a s e B u g g y p l u s f o u r o p p o r t u n i t i e s t o b u i l d a s l o t h , a l a d y b u g , a d o d o b i r d a n d a n a l i e n . L e a r n t o c o d e , h a v e y o u r r o b o t d e t e c t l i g h t , l i n e s , v o i c e c o n t r o l , c o l o r , a n d m o r e .
  90. Evolve Project | Brian Pichman 118 Planning Spaces Start Small You don’t need to buy large kits or buy all of the latest and greatest. Start with a few small things and grow from there. Be Open Storage should be in clear, accessible bins. Let the patrons see the things you have! Use It Use the items you have in your library – show case products, have staff experiment, use, and play. Can Be Anywhere You can have your tech on a table, house it online, or in and around the community.
  91. How can we stay info 119 Ways to Stay Informed Every year in March in Texas, is a festival of innovation, excitement, art, music and education South by South West SXSW Attend as many different events that are available to you. There is always lots of great information out there. Webinars, TED Talks, Etc Other Events We mentioned a few at the start of this slidedeck Consumer Electronic Show CONFERENCES Take a look at sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo Crowd Funding Sites Crowd Funding
  92. Evolve Project | Brian Pichman 120 Feel free to reach out! Questions / Contacts 815-534-0403 Twitter: @bpichman