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Intacct vs NetSuite: Accounting Titans

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What You Will Learn: We'll talk about Intacct and NetSuite. What makes these two accounting Titans so impressive? While on the surface they may seem similar, we will dive into what sets them apart. In this webinar, we will discuss...

• A day in the life of a Intacct user
• A day in the life of a NetSuite user
• Major differences between each product
• Pricing differences

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Intacct vs NetSuite: Accounting Titans

  1. 1. A head to head comparison Brought to you by
  2. 2. YOUR SPEAKERS Kate Priddy – Marketing Manager Brendan Sohan - VP, NetSuite Practice
  3. 3. About BrainSell • Trusted technology advisor based in Boston, MA • Non-biased consultant representing a variety of CRM, ERP, and marketing platforms • 21 years of successful implementations • Core focus on consulting before software
  4. 4. Agenda ▪ Overview of NetSuite ▪ Overview of Intacct ▪ NetSuite vs Intacct: Feature Comparison ▪ A look at Intacct ▪ Dashboard and Workflow in NetSuite – 10 min ▪ Pricing Comparison ▪ Question and Answer
  5. 5. What’s in a name? NetSuite: (noun) Think interNET SUITE Intacct: (also a noun) Think INTernet + ACCounTing
  6. 6. Netsuite Overview ▪ NetSuite - The swiss army knife of software ▪ History ▪ NetSuite was founded in 1998 ▪ Originally founded by Evan Goldberg as a cloud based all-in-one platform ▪ Initially targeted small and mid market but rapidly grew to attract enterprise level customers ▪ 30,000 companies using NetSuite ▪ Market Positioning ▪ Rapidly growing SMB ( anticipate >$5 Mil within 3 years) ▪ Mid Market ($5 Mil - $100 Mil) ▪ Enterprise (+$100 Mil) ▪ Complex Accounting Needs ▪ All in One solution
  7. 7. Intacct Overview History Founded in San Jose, CA, 1999. Aims to be best of breed cloud accounting platform for SMBs ▪ 40ish million in revenue ▪ Endorsed by AICPA ▪ Privately held, for now… ▪ Over 8,500 organizations using Want CRM? Keep looking… Market Position: ▪ New and established SMBs looking for well-rounded accounting functionality basics and beyond ▪ Not verticalized ▪ Customizable and expandable
  8. 8. Basic Comparison ▪ All-in-One crm, erp, eComm, marketing and business analytics ▪ Omni Channel (phone, web, in store) ▪ Scalability without upgrades ▪ Int’l friendly ▪ Verticalized ▪ Fastest growing FMS ▪ 2 releases per year ▪ Accounting and Finance ONLY ▪ Scalable, to a point ▪ America/English only ▪ Not verticalized ▪ Many 3rd party add ons ▪ Endorsed by AICPA ▪ Intacct not in Top 10 ▪ 4 releases per year
  9. 9. NetSuite vs Intacct Comparison Feature NetSuite Intacct COA Unlimited Segments/Dimensions 8 Segments/Dimensions Reports 200 Out of the box reports 45 Out of the box reports You’re Late! Automatically sends out dunning emails to customers Does not auto generate dunning emails HR/Payroll Available as add ons directly through NetSuite Must be outsourced Support Support is global 24/7 Support is only Mon-Fri PST 6AM-5PM
  10. 10. NetSuite vs Intacct Comparison Feature NetSuite Intacct Commissions Has incentive compensation module Cannot calculate sales commissions Customer Payments NetSuite offers customer center for customer to pay bills Intacct does not offer this Got subscriptions? NetSuite contract renewals comes with out of the box SAAS metrics for ARR, MRR, Churn, COCA. Can only co-term with earliest contract start date Recently invested in this feature, but doesn’t have the same architecture as NS to drive SAAS metrics Cannot auto-renew contracts must send out each invoice manually No ability to track upsells and renewals together Search NetSuite does saved searches and recent searches Intacct does not offer this No recent records No reminders
  11. 11. Intacct Dashboard
  12. 12. NetSuite Dashboard
  13. 13. Another Intacct Dashboard
  14. 14. NetSuite Dashboard
  15. 15. Workflow in Intacct
  16. 16. Workflow in NetSuite
  17. 17. Intacct Reporting
  18. 18. NetSuite Reporting
  19. 19. NetSuite Demo ▪ Roles ▪ Dashboards ▪ Check on late order ▪ Switch Roles ▪ Fulfillment of Order
  20. 20. Live Demo
  21. 21. Pricing Feature NetSuite Intacct Platform Fee $999 - $4,999/mo depending on org size $210/month Users $99/user/mo $210/user/ymo CRM Included CRM itself is not included $6,300/year for SalesForce integration Inventory Included $6,300/year Support 21% of software gross, + other options Not offered direct, only through partners Implementation Generally 1.5 > 2.5X software amount Generally 1.5 > 2X software amount Comparing Apples to Oranges
  22. 22. QUESTIONS?
  23. 23. Thank you!! Brendan Sohan bsohan@brainsell.net 978-887-387O X221 www.brainsell.net