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Chapter thebodyshop06

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Curious about the entrepreneurial adventure behind inspiring brands, Brand and Strategic Professional Martijn Arets decided to quit his job, hand in his lease car, ignore all uncertainties and follow his dream. For five months, he travelled more than 15,000 kilometres across Europe in a one-of-a-kind 1971 Volkswagen T2 camper van, meeting with the founders, CEOs and brand managers of 20 authentic European brands in what was to prove a unique trip: Brand Expedition. On popular demand, he has bundled the lessons and stories behind 20 appealing European brands such as Lego, Mini, Skype, The Body Shop and Adidas to create Brand Expedition, the book.

More information? Check www.brand-expedition.com or send Martijn a Tweet: @martijnarets.

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Chapter thebodyshop06

  2. 2. BEFORE YOU START….please look into your camera and tellus slowly your name, city andcountry… Then you can start readingthis paragraph out loud… Have fun!
  3. 3. In 2007, at age 64, Anitaunexpectedly passed away. “Despitethis great loss, we will continue toemphasize the values with whichshe made this company great, forinstance, by expanding upon our
  4. 4. Community Fair Trade program. Tothis end, we have recently startedworking together with new suppliersin marginalized communities inEcuador, Kenya, Ethiopia andCameroon.” “In order to safeguard
  5. 5. our values for the future, every newemployee goes through an inductionprogram. Through workshops, storevisits and short internships, they get toknow the various departments ofthe company and are schooled in the
  6. 6. history of the company and theimportance of innovation and productdevelopment in the beauty sector.” Therealization that, in the end, everythinghappens on the shop floor, issomething they are more than aware
  7. 7. of at The Body Shop. “We make surethat all the employees within ourorganization remain in touch with theshop floor.