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Infographic: 3 Growth Practices for Managers

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Brand Learning's latest Growth Drivers research shines a spotlight on managers. Our new Growth Practices for Managers introduces 3 powerful ways of working to Role Model, Guide and Stretch individuals and teams. Read more about it here and download the toolkit: http://www.brandlearning.com/views-ideas/learning/growth-practices-for-managers-3-ways-to-unlock-better-performance/

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Infographic: 3 Growth Practices for Managers

  1. 1. It is managers who turn potential into performance by role modelling, guiding and stretching the team. As part of our ongoing Growth Drivers research, we conducted quantitative research with over 100 managers and spoke with 20 senior clients across a range of industries. The research uncovered an opportunity to build managers' confidence in driving growth through people, with our 'Growth Practices for Managers'. Visit our website www.brandlearning.com 01Findings from our most recent Growth Drivers research Where is effective modelling at all levels of the organisation? Only 40% of people say their manager regularly paints an effective vision of what their team needs to be doing & how they need to be performing Only 25% of people feel their manager role models expected new ways of working from new capability programmes Copying others is the most influential way that we learn and develop which is why our behaviours and beliefs are heavily shaped by strong role models. We need to recognise the impact that every manager has on supporting performance improvement through their own role modelling. ROLE MODELLING How managers create growth through people If you are a manager, you are a Role Model so what type of role model do you want to be? 02GUIDING Guiding is the Growth Manger practice to help the team work through its challenges to deliver improved results. Managers aren’t guiding in a way that maximises performance Less than half of people say their manager regularly helps them to clarify their development areas & find creative solutions to fill their gaps Less than a third of managers regularly help improve thinking through effective ‘in the moment’ feedback & questions Understanding Motivations & Strengths Guiding starts with understanding the personal motivations of individuals in your team Designing purpose into the working pattern What changes in the pattern of meeting and collaborations could you instigate to move you closer towards your purpose? Increasing the frequency and quality of feedback Increase the frequency and quality of the feedback people receive and you’ll see a big improvement in performance Using guiding questions Asking questions that focus the team on how they are working, questions that draw attention to the right behaviors 03The volume of work feels more challenging but it doesn't mean the work is always developing people 28% of people strongly feel their manager regularly accelerates the teams' performance through the encouragement of risk & reflection 24% of people strongly feel their manager regularly proposes taking different roles in teamwork to capture new perspectives STRETCHING Stretching, failing and stretching again is the way that the brain grows and forms new connections. It’s how you create expanded comfort zones and expanded zones of competence. There are 4 different types of stretch that help maximise performance Turn off autopilot Challenging our assumptions. Change your assumptions, you change your perspective Window opening Searching out and promoting further role models and diversity thinkers on specific topics Increasing empowerment Selecting the right type of opportunity to either close a gap or go to the next level Systematic reflection Encouraging the team to slow down and leverage the power of reflection to reveal what matters most 3 key themes from the research Helping others perform feels more challenging in matrix and virtual teams It’s taken for granted that managers know how to operate in this environment There's no clear structure to support what a manager does to develop their team's performance 25% 40% WHY our work matters WHAT’s important to master HOW we work 31% 38% 28% Calling it out 24%