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MS PACHA -luxury crewed yacht / home port Šibenik / Croatia

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"Enjoy the leisure of an easy going cruise, learn to sail together with the crew, enjoy champagne while the captain is taking you to the next bay"

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MS PACHA -luxury crewed yacht / home port Šibenik / Croatia

  1. 1. ZÄÄCŚĹFU
  2. 2. Pacha was built in 2000 in well- known Turkish shipyard in Tuzla near Istanbul as a custom order for private client under name Pacha l. Main material used to build Pacha is a high-quality mahogany finished in Turkish style design. Since she was built, she was fully crewed all over the year and well maintained. Pacha interior ensures lovely accommodation for 8 guests, maintaining feeling of the boat by using mahogany and leather textures in calm color palettes. Interior accommodation consists of three Cabins in the aft part of the boat, one master cabin and two double Cabins, and one twin cahin in the forward part. While the interior offers all the luxury of the home, exterior is designed with two spacious sundecks and large family size dining table in the aft part. The boat is equipped with two jet skies and all other “toys” to make sure that our guests have pleasant and fun stay at Pacha. -v -“
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