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Breton companies at Bio convention 2018

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Breton companies at Bio convention 2018

  1. 1. France - Bretagne Pavilion BIO - Boston 4>7 June 2018 List of participants Booth 527
  2. 2. Créditphoto:E.Pain-BDI
  3. 3. Floor Plan 3 PARTICIPANTS HTL ID2SANTÉ MANROS THERAPEUTICS OLMIX GROUP YSLAB ACCOMPANIED BY BRETAGNE COMMERCE INTERNATIONAL Booth 527 527 527 527 527 Page 4 5 6 7 8 9 Index of Companies France Bretagne Pavilion
  4. 4. contact: Marie LE GOT Booth 527 7 rue Alfred Kastler ZI de l'Aumaillerie 35 133 JAVENé FrANcE Tel.: +33 (0)2 99 99 37 37 ft@javenech.com www.htl-bio.com HTL has a long term experience in the conception, development and manufacturing of polysaccharides (hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans, DNA ...) for the pharmaceutical industry. Our R&D platform with major biological polymer expertise is supporting your company to develop innovative products obtained by fermentation. 4 HTL
  5. 5. contact: Jocelyne LE SEYEc Booth 527 2 avenue du Pr Léon Bernard cS 34317 35043 rENNES cedex FrANcE Tel.: +33 (0)2 23 23 45 81 jocelyne.leseyec@id2sante.fr www.id2sante.fr @ID2SANTé ID2SANTÉ is the Atlanpole Biotherapies competitive cluster relay in Bretagne. In close contact with researchers and companies from the health sector, we help to develop innovative health projects. We are able to connect you with regional key players and experts in: • Medical technologies with diagnostic and therapeutic purposes (medical devices, computer assisted surgery, imaging), living labs in ambient assisted living • E-health, telemedicine, personal medical e-file, big data processing • New therapeutic solutions with biotech/pharmaceuticals (molecules, biomarkers, genetics, preclinical and clinical research, biological resource centers, marine compounds sourcing …) • Prevention and nutrition (development of ingredients, food for medical purposes, clinicaresearch in nutrition and metabolism, toxicology). 5 ID2Santé
  6. 6. contact: Sarah LETEMPLIEr Booth 527 Hôtel de recherche Presqu'île de Perharidy 29 680 rOScOFF FrANcE Mob.: +33 (0)6 32 13 82 03 letemplier @manros-therapeutics.com www.manros-therapeutics.com MANROS THERAPEUTICS' objectives are the identification, characterization, optimization (medicinal chemistry), intellectual property protection and preclinical & clinical development of pharmacological kinase inhibitors for their use in the treatment of cystic fibrosis (CF), polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and cognitive deficits associated with Alzheimer's disease and Down syndrome. Results of our phase IIa clinical trial in CF are expected for Q2 2018. Our drug candidate Roscovitine stimulates bactericidal activity in alveolar macrophages, favours the resolution of inflammation and interferes with pain signalling. Roscovitine thus represents a first-in-class, anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and analgesic therapeutic drug candidate for the treatment of chronically infected CF patients. 6 ManRos Therapeutics
  7. 7. contact: Hervé DEMAIS Booth 527 ZA du Haut du Bois 56 580 BréHAN FrANcE Tel.: +33 (0)2 97 38 81 03 hdemais@biovet-conseil.com www.olmix.com @olmixgroup OLMIX GROUP: algae-based natural solutions for nutrition and health. A desire to provide natural alternatives to agricultural additives led to the creation of OLMIX GROUP in Bréhan, at the heart of Brittany (France), in 1995. In 20 years, the company has become one of the major global specialists in marine biotechnology and green chemistry. OLMIX GROUP brings natural sources of nutrition and health to plants, animals and people, for a complete, consistent food and health chain, thanks to algae! OLMIX GROUP employs 800 people and has a turnover of EUR 155 million in 2017. Its innovative character, in tune with the change of environmental regulations in the world, constitutes an important reference in sustainable development. 7 Olmix Group
  8. 8. contact: Antoine de FOMMErVAULT Booth 527 2 rue Felix le Dantec 29 000 QUIMPEr FrANcE Tel.: +33 (0)2 98 53 30 03 a.defommervault@yslab.fr www.yslab.fr YSLAB offers innovative OTC/OTX products based on high quality marine ingredients, and the latest delivery technologies. Unique consumer benefits are supported by scientific evidence. The company is assisted by recognized scientific and medical councils from product design through clinical evaluation. Regulatory approval (CE marking) and reliable manufacturing complete the company's high value proposition. YSLAB's portfolio includes: • A complete range of products dedicated to ENT, with Medical Devices & Nutritionnal Supplements, through the brand "Ocean Bio-Actif". • A set of products focusing on children care, which includes creams & gels, through the brand "P’tit Bobo". Private label developments can be considered. 8 Yslab
  9. 9. 9 Bretagne Commerce International is a non-profit organization of private companies located in Western France. Entrusted by the Regional Government of Bretagne and the Regional Chamber of Commerce to internationalize the Breton economy, it assists Breton companies in their international development as well as foreign companies planning to invest in Bretagne. Through customized and collective activities, Bretagne Commerce International is committed to: E Raising awareness about international business opportunities E Supporting companies with administrative issues E Helping companies start and then consolidate their business. Bretagne Commerce International contact: Katell JOLIFF Le colbert 35 place du colombier - cS 71238 35 012 rENNES cedex FrANcE Tel.: +33 (0)2 99 25 04 04 contact@BretagnecommerceInternational.com www.BretagnecommerceInternational.com @BcInter Créditphoto:E.Pain-BDI
  10. 10. E From one of the founding countries of the European Union, you will be able to expand on a market of 510 million consumers with a high purchasing power. E Thanks to an outstandingly high level of initial education, you will benefit from a workforce which is able to adapt to the constant evolution of products and services easily. E Enjoying a high quality of life environment, you will find opportunities for innovation, R&D and competitiveness, which is the evidence of great scientific and technological skills. Why invest in Bretagne? • 28,000 km² • 3.25 million people (+23,000 inhab/year) • €83,4 billion GDP • 1st Agri-Food region in France • 1st Agricultural region in France • 1st Fishing region • 1st region for Shipbuilding and repair • 1st region in Marine Science & Technology • 1st region for filing of High Tech European patents in France • 2nd region for Digital r&D in France Land of excellence: Digital, Automotive, Marine, Agriculture and Agri-Food Developing sectors: Marine Renewable Energy, Green Vehicles, Eco-Activities, Biotech, Security & Defence Bretagne plays host to almost 490 foreign companies Bretagne economy: a snapshot Bretagne and its strong industrial dynamics
  11. 11. www.invest-in-bretagne.org fdi@BretagneCommerceInternational.com Focus on BIOTECHNOLOGY SECTOR • 1 international competitiveness cluster: Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique • 2 marine biology stations: Roscoff and Concarneau • 3 technology transfer centres: CBB Capbiotek, IDMer and CEVA, the only technical centre in Europe dedicated to research on marine vegetation and its practical applications • A dynamic network of technology platforms: Biogenouest, Prodiabio and Biodimar • Reputable research teams: European Institute for Marine Studies, CNRS, Ifremer, Université de Bretagne Occidentale et Sud / Pôle Halieutique. A rich network Innovating in e Health & nutrition (human, animal, plant) e Cosmetics & nutraceutics e Food industry e Environment & energy Health in Bretagne e 25 research units e 600 researchers e 10,000 jobs in 2 university hospitals (Rennes and Brest) e 8,000 jobs in 215 SMEs e 1 innovation and technology transfer center: ID2Santé 1st French region in Marine biotech 3rd French region in Biotech Leading region in Marine cosmetics Excellence in Agri-biotech LeadingregioninOceanographicresearch(50%ofnationalresearch) 250 businesses & organizations (150 companies) Biotech, fostering innovation in traditional sectors
  12. 12. www.opendelinternational.com B2B meetings - Workshops Networking - On-site visits 2-3-4 July 2018 FRANCE - Rennes SEIZE NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES IN WESTERN FRANCE & BEYOND BUSINESSWSEIZE NE BUSINESS & BEYOND WESTERN FR NITIES INTUOPPOR BUSINESSWSEIZE NE ANCEWESTERN FR NITIES IN BUSINESS FR ennesANCE - RFR 03-4 July 2-2 ennes 810 wetN B2B meetings - n-sitking - Oorw orWWorB2B meetings - e visitsn-sit kshopsor FR opendelint.www ennesANCE - RFR national.eropendelint ennes wetN comnational. n-sitking - Oorw e visitsn-sit