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Development Review Process Proposal<br />
Economic Development Components<br /><ul><li>Full-time, trained points of contact
Coordinated and effective business retention & expansion program (underway)
Effective marketing of the community & business recruitment
Collateral materials
Trade shows
Responding to leads
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City Council April 5, 2011 Development Review Process Proposal

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City Council April 5, 2011 Development Review Process Proposal

  1. 1. Development Review Process Proposal<br />
  2. 2. Economic Development Components<br /><ul><li>Full-time, trained points of contact
  3. 3. Coordinated and effective business retention & expansion program (underway)
  4. 4. Effective marketing of the community & business recruitment
  5. 5. Collateral materials
  6. 6. Advertising
  7. 7. Trade shows
  8. 8. Responding to leads
  9. 9. Workforce development
  10. 10. Entrepreneur development
  11. 11. Redevelopment & downtown revitalization</li></li></ul><li>Economic Development Components cont.<br /><ul><li>Services, technical assistance and support for companies
  12. 12. Compilation of existing federal, state, regional and other local programs and technical assistance that serves business
  13. 13. Staff assistance in the development processes
  14. 14. Information regarding financing options
  15. 15. Database of available facilities and sites
  16. 16. Clear and effective incentive policy
  17. 17. Efficient, lean & high quality development review process</li></li></ul><li>What is the Development Review Process?<br />Any combination of the following processes: <br /><ul><li>Zoning
  18. 18. Platting
  19. 19. Permitting & inspecting (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, signage, construction, foundation, etc.)
  20. 20. Stormwater management
  21. 21. Water & wastewater installation & inspecting
  22. 22. Roadway improvement & inspecting
  23. 23. Special district reviews (river, historic)
  24. 24. Variances
  25. 25. Certificates of occupancy
  26. 26. Driveway access,
  27. 27. Emergency vehicle access & fire prevention
  28. 28. Health/sanitation</li></li></ul><li>Development Review & Economic Development<br /><ul><li>Council & COSADC have stated that fostering a successful business “climate” through business-friendly processes and staff is equally important to financial incentives when encouraging economic development
  29. 29. Progress: created Development Coordinator position, instituted the Development Review Committee, revamped the site plan and plat review processes, created 100+ customer handouts, composed SOPs in three divisions
  30. 30. Changes brought us up to par with other cities
  31. 31. Next step: a guided, external review and implementation process for revamping</li></li></ul><li>Why Improve the Review Process Now?<br /><ul><li>Development is slow
  32. 32. Incentive requests are down for the year
  33. 33. Recent reorganization
  34. 34. Upcoming completion of the Community Development Building (former Health Building) and consolidation of all development processes except Water Utilities
  35. 35. Real and perceived problems with the development review process
  36. 36. Need for cultural change in regulatory divisions</li></li></ul><li>
  37. 37. Outcomes of the Process<br /><ul><li>Create a more effective development review process that focuses on reduced cost to the business community (time), better quality reviews, and improved customer service delivery
  38. 38. Provide benchmarks for documenting and measuring performance
  39. 39. Create an organizational development and cultural plan for the new Economic and Community Development Department & development review partners (Water, Health) to collaborate and function more effectively
  40. 40. Provide options for technological improvements</li>