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Communications Level 5 Presentation

Written for using FETAC Level 5 Minor Award Descriptor

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Communications Level 5 Presentation

  3. 3. Learning ObjectivesGo to page 3 and write down the following learningobjectives of this module.
  4. 4. Communications Marking Sheet – Part 1• Go to the Appendixpage 104.• Study how the marksare allocated.• This sheet focuses onyour ‘Collection ofWork’.
  6. 6. The Language of CommunicationGo to page 5 and outline the meaning of each of theterms above in your own words.• Sender• Receiver• Message• Channel• Noise• Feedback
  7. 7. Noise or distractionsPoor concentrationFocusDisinterest in subjectPrejudiceDisinterest in speakerGood attention spanListeningGo to page 7 and decide which of the following arebehaviours required for effective listening and whichare barriers that affect successful listening.The ability to distinguish betweenimportant and non-essentialinformationPoor physical or mental stateAppropriate facial expressionMessage too complexEye contact
  8. 8. Speaking"I didnt tell her you were stupid."Depending on how you vary the vocal elements, you cangive this sentence any of several meanings."I didnt tell her you were stupid." (Somebody else told her.)"I didnt tell her you were stupid." (I emphatically did not.)"I didnt tell her you were stupid." (I implied it.)"I didnt tell her you were stupid." (I told someone else.)"I didnt tell her you were stupid." (I told her someone else was stupid.)"I didnt tell her you were stupid." (I told her youre still stupid.)"I didnt tell her you were stupid." (I told her something else about you.)Identical words. Different meanings. Thats the power of voice.
  9. 9. Body LanguageBody language consists of:•body posture•gestures•facial expressions•eye movementsThe different positions thatthe human body can takeMovement of the hands, faceor other parts of the bodyMotions or positions ofthe muscles in the faceVoluntary or involuntarymovement of the eyesMatch the types of body language with their definitions.
  10. 10. SymbolsWhat meaning is conveyed by each of these symbols?
  11. 11. Facial Expression1. Happiness2. Sadness3. Surprise4. Fear5. Anger6. Disgust7. ContemptMatch the feelings andthe facial expressions.ABCGFED
  12. 12. Other Factors that affect CommunicationThe EnvironmentWhat impact can the environment have on communication?
  14. 14. Some Types of Poems• Free verse Does not follow any rules.• Sonnet Lyrical poem with fourteen lines.• Limerick Five line funny poem• Acrostic The title is used as the first letter for each line.• Shape Created in the shape of the subject.• Lyric A short poem that describes an emotion.• Haiku A Japanese form of poetry consisting of threeunrhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables.
  15. 15. Poetry DevicesGo to page 11 where you will be asked to name anddefine some devices used in poetry.
  16. 16. PoetryUseful Websites:www.poetry.comWith over 14 million poems, Poetry.com is the worldslargest and most vibrant poetry community.www.poetryireland.iePoetry Ireland is the national organisation dedicated todeveloping, supporting and promoting poetry throughoutIreland.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PoetryContains information on and definitions of poetry andpoetry terms.
  17. 17. The Story of Why 2mins1sec
  18. 18. The Structure of a Short StoryINTRODUCTION (beginning)The introduction leads the reader intothe story. It answers the questionswho? what? when? where? and why?COMPLICATION (middle)The complication is the problem,difficulty, task or issue that the maincharacters experience and have tosolve.RESOLUTION (ending)The resolution is the way the problemis solved.Go to page 14and outline thestructure of astory.
  19. 19. 5. Give your story a plot• A standard plot: a situation causes an action, whichmeets obstacles, reaches a climax and is worked out ata resolution. The simpler the plot the better as this is ashort story.
  20. 20. Go to page 16 and use the template to create a Mind Mapfor your short story.
  21. 21. Punctuation Aid
  22. 22. Getting StartedThis wasn’t where I wanted to be…There was a bitter wind blowing that night…The ringing of the phone filled me with dread…He walked out onto the normally crowded street…None of them knew that morning what was about to happen…
  23. 23. Writing a ReviewA review is a critical article or report on a book, play orfilm which includes a critique and an evaluation.The purpose of a review is to allow the reader to makean informed decision about whether or not they want toread the book or watch the film you are reviewing.
  25. 25. Report• Your report must be 1000 words, word processedand should include different methods of presentinginformation e.g. graphs, charts, pictures, surveys etc.• Your report must be based on your vocational area andinclude a bibliography.Go to page 36 and using the next 15 slides, create yourown special report.
  26. 26. SampleReportGo to page 30and read thesample report.
  27. 27. Formal LettersTypes of formal letters include:• Application Letters• Business Letters• Letters of ComplaintA formal letter is a letter writtenin formal language.Go to page 38 and complete the exercises on formaland informal letters.
  28. 28. Letter of Complaint 1. Your address2. The date3. Name,position andaddress ofrecipient4. Greeting7. What youwould like tohappen6. Detail ofcomplaint5. Reason forwriting8. Closing9. Your name3 Oak Drive,Lucan,Co. Dublin.6th June 2011Mail Ordering Department,Unisport Ltd.,Ardnore Industrial Estate,Hightown,Co. Wicklow.Dear Sir/Madam,I wish to make a complaint about a tracksuit I bought lastmonth. It is an O’Neill’s Tracksuit, order number 123456.I washed the tracksuit according to the instructions on thelabel. When I took the tracksuit out of the washingmachine it had shrunk and no longer fits me.I have returned the tracksuit and I would like a refund.Please let me know as soon as possible what you intend todo about this matter.Yours faithfully,___________________Mary Black129876543Mary Black
  29. 29. How To Write A Curriculum VitaeThe following details should be included in your C.V.:•Personal details Name, DOB, Address, Contact Details•Objective State the reason for the C.V.
  30. 30. What is An Application Form?• Application forms are used for many different purposesincluding: Applying for a job Joining a club or group Applying for services Requesting information Applying to a school Registering to vote
  31. 31. Sample MemoMEMORANDUMTo: All StaffFrom: ManagementDate: 14th November 2013Subject: New SoftwareThe new computer software has been installed on allcomputers. To access, staff should use their surnameas the username and password. You will be asked toinput a new password the first time you access thesoftware.
  33. 33. Group Meetings – ParticipantsChairperson Ensures that each meeting is planned effectivelyWorks closely with the secretaryPrepares the agenda of the meeting with the secretaryDirects/Facilitates the meeting and keeps orderEnsures that all items on the agenda are discussedAllows everyone time to participateMakes sure that the meeting starts and finishes on timeGo to pages 52 and 53 and write down the specific rolesof meeting participants and their responsibilities asoutlined over the next three slides.
  34. 34. Notice
  35. 35. Sample AgendaGo to page 57 andwrite an agenda foryour group meeting.
  36. 36. Sample MinutesGo to pages 58 and 59 and read the sample minutesprovided.
  38. 38. Group DiscussionWhen participating in a group discussion, it is important toask yourself what is being tested?FramingofArgumentCreativityThinking outside ofthe box
  39. 39. Group Discussion• You will need to video tape the group discussion.• Participation is compulsory and worth 10%.• The discussion should be at least 10 minutes long.
  41. 41. What is being tested?
  42. 42. Sample SlidesIf you don’t know how to use PowerPoint, see the guide thataccompanies this course.
  44. 44. What are interviews for?ReportInterviewPerformanceInterviewProgressInterviewExitInterviewJobInterview
  45. 45. Other Types of InterviewGo to page 69 and explain what is meant by each of thefollowing:panel interviewtelephone interviewgroup interview
  46. 46. READING
  47. 47. Reading for ComprehensionWhen reading any difficult text, there are a few methods tohelp you gain a greater understanding of the material:• Annotate• Scan/Skim
  48. 48. Summarising• Read the text again and highlightor underline key words or points.
  49. 49. Sample ComprehensionsClickon the circlesto accessLiteraryComprehensions.Ghost WriterGreatExpectationsPride andPrejudiceInvasion
  50. 50. Links for Vocational Comprehension ArticlesClickonthehexagontofindrelevantarticles,fortheselinkstoworkyoumusthaveinternetaccess.LanguagesFoodLawEducationCustomerCareICTCulture MechanicsArt & Design BusinessCosmeticsChildcareAnimalsAgricultureScienceHealthcareSportMusicHealth andSafetyPhotography
  52. 52. Technology
  53. 53. Where it all began…We are currently in the Information Age, a periodcharacterised by an abundance of Information andCommunication Technology.ICT Timeline
  54. 54. Internet Browsers and Search EnginesA web browser is asoftware application fortraversing informationresources on the WorldWide Web.A search engine is aprogram for the locationand retrieval of data,files or documents fromthe Internet.
  55. 55. Social NetworkingFacebook is the world’s largest socialnetworking site. It is estimated that 1in every 7 people in the world have aFacebook account.This is an example of a Facebookaccount or profile. It allows usersto display information aboutthemselves including: likes,dislikes, photos and messages.
  56. 56. Health and Safety LegislationThe act sets out the rights and obligations of bothemployers and employees and provides for substantialfines and penalties for breaches of the health and safetylegislation.
  57. 57. What is a USB key?A USB key, stick or flash drive is a datastorage device that includes flashmemory with an integrated UniversalSerial Bus (USB) interface.USB flash drives are typically removable, rewritable andthey come in lots of shapes and colours.Use the notes provided by your teacher to set up yourown USB key for use during this module.
  58. 58. EmailElectronic mail, most commonly referred toas email or e-mail, is a method of exchangingdigital messages from an author to one or morerecipients.Modern email operates across theInternet or other computer networks.Go to page 85 and follow the steps to demonstrate youremailing skills.
  59. 59. PowerPointThe presentation can be printed, displayed live on acomputer or projected using a video projector.Use the notes provided by your teacher to create your ownPowerPoint presentation for use with your oral presentation.
  60. 60. ICT EssayGo to page 93 and follow the prompts to write your ICTessay.Your essay must be:• 800 words in length• Word processedYour essay must include:• An introduction, main body and conclusion• Communications related legislation

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Written for using FETAC Level 5 Minor Award Descriptor


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