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The State of Virtual Reality

Everything you need to know about the future of virtual reality and why you should building for it now.

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The State of Virtual Reality

  1. The state of VR 2015 What you need to know to get started with VR Brian Pullen @wisebeard
  2. This is the year that VR comes to market in a meaningful way.
  3. 12/35 Snow Crash About a virtual world called the metaverse published in 1992 Ready Player One About a virtual world called the OASIS published in 2011 Neuromancer About a virtual world called Cyberspace published in 1984 What got me into VR?
  4. I had my first hands on with VR at GDC 2012
  5. John Carmack Talks, blog posts and links from these and other leaders provide amazing insights into the future of VR. Michael Abrash Joe Ludwig
  6. 160Degree field of view with 110 or higher preferred 2Persistence of pixels on screen ms o 120Refresh rate of stereo rendering Hz 20Latency of total time between motion to photon ms 1Accuracy on head tracking for rotation and position mm The dream specs 10kResolution per eye
  7. Oculus Crystal Cove Valve Vive Playstation MorpheusGear VR There are many serious products ready for 2015 Google Cardboard
  8. Resolution Screen type Field of view Persistence Motion Latency Refresh rate Tracking tech Accuracy Release date
 Audio Oculus DK1 Oculus DK2 Oculus DK3 Morpheus Vive Gear VR 60ms 360° LED Tracking 640x800 LCD 110° 3ms Full 60Hz 3 Axis Orientation Millimeter Late 2012 No audio Sub 20ms 960x1080 OLED 100° 2ms low 90Hz 90° Infrared Camera Sub-millimeter Mid 2014 No audio Sub 20ms 1280x1440 OLED 100° 2ms low 90Hz 90° Infrared Camera Sub-millimeter Mid 2015 On device audio Sub 18ms 960x1080 OLED 100° 2ms low 120Hz Sub-millimeter Early 2016 On device audio jack 360° Lighthouse Infrared Sub 20ms 1200x1080 OLED 110° 2ms low 90Hz Sub-millimeter Spring 2015 On device audio jack 3 Axis Orientation Sub 20ms 1280x1440 Super AMOLED 96° 2ms low 60Hz Millimeter Late 2014 On device audio jack
  9. VR is the next major computing platform and we are in the formative months -So what applications can you make?
  10. Gaming (obviously)
  11. Photography
  12. Film
  13. Education
  14. Secondary opportunities But no less interesting
  15. VR websites
  16. Healthcare
  17. Telepresence
  18. VR Meeting Spaces
  19. Scientific visualization and simulations
  20. Engineering
  21. Social experiences
  22. Marketing experiences
  23. Traveling to other worlds
  24. Social science
  25. What problems are left to solve?
  26. Truly natural inputs
  27. New kinds of navigation and control
  28. Believable haptics
  29. Effective multi-user experiences
  30. Complete experiences with VR native OS
  31. VR story telling and design rules
  32. Body tracking
  33. Eye tracking
  34. Performance
  35. Binaural audio production
  36. Social acceptance
  37. Virtual reality is a huge opportunity for all software developers
  38. The skills & software you will need Game Engines Animation Modeling Digital ArtAudio Production Experience design Oculus SDK 3D Development
  39. These core softwares are ready & free
  40. Lets make some VR together @wisebeard