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Social Media Expands into Social Business
2013 Viewed as the Year Where Social Scales and Integrates
While priorities such as metrics and training remain top priorities, new initiatives are getting attention, such as scaling social programs, making sense of social data, and integrating with digital and mobile efforts (see Figure 10). This is supported by related objectives to develop internal education and training, up to 43%, and connect employees with social tools, at 23%. Companies can’t scale social media across the enterprise with a core team alone. As businesses move toward Formalized, Strategic, and Converged stages, strategists learn that housing social in one group hinders growth, scale, and internal distribution, leaving strategy development and execution in either the core or among external agencies. To truly scale social throughout the enterprise takes empowerment where it becomes a new instrument to achieve business goals.
Figure 10:
In 2013, Companies Prioritized Measurement, Training, and Scaling Programs
Q. In 2013, what are your top internal social media objectives?
In just a few years, dedicated employees have spread out beyond marketing and communications to proliferate other key functions and lines of business. At least 13 different business units across the enterprise may deploy social media (see Figure 9). Most notably, customer support (40%) and digital (37%) have become part of the everyday social mix. And while HR has traditionally used social for recruitment, social is also now expanding to be used for employee engagement, development, and retention.
The number of social media practitioners is also increasing in areas where social hasn’t infiltrated before. Product Development, Customer Experience (CX)/User Experience (UX), Legal, and Research are among areas that are evolving into social business. As this migration continues, the need for all groups to work together and in line with one overall vision and philosophy will set the stage for a Converged social business.
Figure 9: At Least 13 Business Units Have Dedicated Social Media Staff
Q. In which of the following departments are there dedicated people
(can be less than one FTE) executing social? (Q4 2012)
MarketingCorporate Comm/PRSocial MediaDigitalProduct Department/R&DAdvertisingCustomer/User ExperienceCustomer SupportExecutiveLegalITHRMarket Research73% 66% 40% 37% 35% 29% 16% 16% 15% 14% 9% 8% 11% 48% 48% 43% 37% 40% 25% 33% 27% 23% 2012201026% 15% 30% 15% 35% 15% 35% 13% 32% 7% 22% Create metrics that demonstratethe value of social mediaDevelop internaleducation and trainingScale oursocial programsConnect social data to other enterprise datasources to deliver actionable insightIntegrate social mediawith digital and mobileConnect employeeswith social toolsDevelop a listening/monitoring solutionDetermine anorganizational/governance modelApply social insight tothe product roadmapGet buy-infrom stakeholdersCreate policiesand procedures

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