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LeWeb 2014: Disruption as an Ecosystem by Brian Solis

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With the onslaught of IoT devices, Shared Economy services, and DIY systems, things are getting more chaotic for users. Brian’s session at LeWeb 2014 in Paris focused on disruption as an ecosystem and explored how to apply a combination of systems and design thinking to build an integrated platform of solutions around a high purpose/vision.

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LeWeb 2014: Disruption as an Ecosystem by Brian Solis

  1. DISRUPTION AS AN ECOSYSTEM by @ briansolis
  2. “Why change? It’s the way things have always been done…” - Said no entrepreneur ever
  3. Everything can be different.
  4. Incrementalism improves something iteratively Innovation introduces us to something new Disruption interrupts norms and changes behavior
  5. Ecosystem: Any system of interconnecting and interacting parts, as in a business: The success of Apple’s ecosystem depends on hardware/software integration.
  6. #questioneverything
  7. briansolis.com @briansolis briansolis.tv facebook.com/thebriansolis linkedin.com/influencer/briansolis instagram.com/briansolis