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The Connected Consumer and the New Decision-Making Cycle
Research indicated that people who follow Starbucks...
...tend to describe themselves
with expressive words. Top words
• Love
• Life
• Music
• Friends
• World
...describe what is important to
them on Twitter. Top of mind:
• Family
• People
• Mom
• Wife
• Husband
...(top users) are tweeting from:
• California
• New York
• Texas
• Florida
• Washington
...have commonalities in Twitter bios. We found that:
• 42 percent express strong ties to family, religion and love
• 29 percent boast special interests, which is further discernible
• 22 percent are professionals who state their current place of employment and position
• 7 percent are students
...are fascinated by and do the following:
• Identify themselves as enthusiasts, geeks, addicts, junkies and creatives
• Define their most popular areas of interest as music, food, coffee and fashion
• Potentially favor dogs over cats (2:1, as per their mentions)
• Work in either social media or marketing (note: if we were to change the scale of followers, we would open up the
sample to a much broader set of professions)
• Are still in school. Despite accounting for 7 percent of stated occupation or focus, students account for more than
any single professional field
The interest graph is defined by
connections, but it is brought to life
through self-expression.
Generation C
weaves an interesting web
Generation C and the
dynamic customer journey
Customers get buy with a
little help from their friends
C change in consumerism:
A new bi-directional approach
is needed
In summary:
The connected marketer 6

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