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The Connected Consumer and the New Decision-Making Cycle
Setting out to discover the balance of Generation
C compared to your traditional and digital customers
is only the first step. What we’re talking about here
goes beyond social media listening as well.
This isn’t about how many times your brand is
mentioned in social networks, how it compares to
your competitors, or whether or not your sentiment is
mostly positive. This is about intelligence. It’s about
learning how to engage Gen Cers based on what
and who is important to them and how they con-
nect with each other and your business (or how
they don’t connect with your business) as a result.
What you learn could be the difference between
meaningful engagement and everyday marketing.
Gen C isn’t as elusive as we might think. Social and
mobile media offer the gift of data, and data requires
study and interpretation. To become a connected
marketer and ultimately a connected business
requires a new methodology for how this data is
gathered, packaged, and made actionable in the
right parts of the organization.
In this case, we learned what’s important to Starbucks
customers as it relates to brand identity and visualized
segmented networks, or nicheworks, around each
topic. But this experiment only scratches the surface of
what’s possible.
• Reveal customer sentiment using research
• Include customer feedback in product
• Use insight to improve cross-channel marketing
• Humanize customer data to improve engagement
By studying interests, businesses no longer have to
guess which campaigns or ideas will have relevance
to their audiences. They can now study conversations
and connections to inform global, national, and
hyper-local campaigns and initiatives that resonate
uniquely with desired segments and with the audience
as a whole.
Generation C
weaves an interesting web
Generation C and the
dynamic customer journey
Customers get buy with a
little help from their friends
C change in consumerism:
A new bi-directional approach
is needed
In summary:
The connected marketer 8

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