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8 More Nuggets for Those Who Lead with David Brier and Laura Rebeiro

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For business owners, staying ahead seems daunting.

Just “doing what’s worked” seems to be the easier option. Same thing, different day… with our spark diminishing.

Then, all of a sudden, we find ourselves “blending in” or hearing crushing comments like, “Oh, we had no idea you did this too.”

What I recommend is what I spent an hour talking about with Laura E. Ribeiro on her outstanding podcast:

Never settle for average and refuse to have a safety net for when you fall; instead, have a supply of extra fuel and rations for when you take flight.

As entrepreneurs, business owners, creators, and providers, I believe it is our duty to bring greatness to what we do, instead of adding “more average stuff” for our customers to rummage through.

If you've run into this frustration, I know what you're capable of and how to help you.

I am only one text away: 612-285-3399


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