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Blurred lines how to create the brand others envy

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The link to the above mentioned post is: http://www.risingabovethenoise.com/the-lesson-in-economics-that-80000-businesses-never-learned/


"Businesses need better tools to make smarter moves for their brands to grow."

This short Slideshare is brought to you by David Brier whose presentations on Slideshare have eclipsed 600,000 views from around the world.

Brand identity specialist, Fast Company blogger and package designer David Brier has been called “One of the best branding minds and talents in business today…”

Fast Company, The New York Times, Adweek, INC. Magazine, Fortune Small Business, Food and Wine, Cool Hunting, Communication Arts, The Dieline and Better Homes and Gardens have each featured DBD’s work and results online, in magazines and books.

In this presentation, David Brier unveils some of the key questions every company must ask, specific to rebrands but equally valid to startups and new spin-offs of existing companies.

Use this as a tool.

And subscribe to David's blog at http:/www.risingabovethenoise.com

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Blurred lines how to create the brand others envy

  2. ON ET: EN ERN SE NT EI TH Click to view
  3. ON ET: EN ERN SE NT EI TH CFO asks CEO: “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?” CEO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”
  4. Per the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI): 80,000 business startups failing annually and never learned the following questions to ask to avoid becoming a statistic.
  5. When innovating or challenging the STATUS QUO, it’s important to know there are two camps at work: those who manage “past results” and those who manage “future outcomes.”
  6. Questions like “IS IT GOOD ENOUGH?” or "Isn’t this good enough?” get you nowhere. This post explains why and what to do about it.
  7. When anyone asks “IS IT NECESSARY?” there are a few words to add to make the question and the conversation productive. Here are the few missing words needed to transform the question, your brand and your company culture.
  8. Everyone knows one of Steve Jobs’ favorite quotes was from Wayne Gretsky who said, “I SKATE TO WHERE THE PUCK IS GOING, NOT WHERE IT HAS BEEN.” Here is why this matters.
  9. Founders, dreamers, and innovators manage something very different than what accounting personnel manage.
  10. The “BALANCE SHEETS” between these two types are poles apart. Learn what they are.
  11. And these balance sheets reflect two distinct kinds of brands (and mindsets) in the world: 1.Initiative brands break new ground and do things because of their own internal restless passion for something. 2.Reaction brands simply follow someone else’s lead. Learn more about them here.
  13. HINT
  14. “You can’t lead with beans. You can only lead with dreams that, managed well, turn into more beans than you can count.” Read the full post here.
  15. In other words, dreams cause things to happen. While beans help keep the fire lit, it’s dreams that cause the spark in the first place. This post explains how to tap into this important distinction.
  17. View these other presentations by brand specialist David Brier SIMPLY CLICK ON WHICHEVER ONES YOU WANT TO VIEW.
  18. View these other presentations by brand specialist David Brier SIMPLY CLICK ON WHICHEVER ONES YOU WANT TO VIEW. Is your brand built for growth? Will it rise above the noise? If not, let’s talk.
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